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focusdness sake 01-04-2012 05:23 AM

Focus 1.6 remap 90bhp > 150bhp!?
Hey everyone!

This is my first post, I'm a complete amateur with these sort of things!

I live in the UK and looking for a new car. Looking to buy an 08' 1.6 Focus (90ps) Diesel. I liked the drive but there wasn't quite enough power. I'm not really a speed freak just want something there to overtake! I've looked at the option of remapping and found that it increases from 90>110 bhp, I'd be happy with that!

However a friend of mine who works at a ford dealer told me that if you replace the fuel injectors with the ones found on the 110bhp version of the 1.6 you could potentially get 150bhp after remap and coding! Anyone know if this is true? Anyone had any experience of this? Would it have any profound effects on the car?

Thanks for any replies and Happy New Year!

1turbofocus 01-04-2012 08:21 AM

You have a Focus engine that we dont have over here

With working with the Diesel engine for a log time one of the best ways to make power with a diesel engine is to go to larger injectors then a retune

That engine is common in your neck of the woods I would ask around on local forums and see what others are doing I am sure if it works safe you will find others that have done it


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