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Rhastabudz 03-08-2011 07:58 PM

New to ECU Tuning, Please help 03 Zx3.
Today was my first day driving my 03 ZX3!! Fun little car handles well and isn't quite as slow as I first imagined.

The only work I've done on the car currently is posted on my signature, please take a look.

So basically I'm wondering if an ECU tune can help improve my cars performance without sacrificing gas mileage.. or if it's every the correct step to take at the moment.. if so what brand?

If this isn't the correct step to take please let me know.

Someone told me cams, someone told me exhaust.. I'm not too interested in either of those options but ECU tuning is something I am interested in.

Totally new to ECU Tuning.. fill me in with basic information that I may need to know before I spend my money on something I won't get any benefit out of. Thanks FF :D [ffrocks]

black.revolver 03-10-2011 07:12 PM

yeah when you hear about that, hit me up too bro im doing the same thing.

iminhell 03-10-2011 11:48 PM

For what you have done, I'd say a tune won't do much for you. Put that money into cams and exhaust and you'll see more gains untuned. If you tune with the new cams and exhaust you'll see about double the gain you would W/O.
I'd seen someone mention a comparison between a zetec head (ported) and a Evo 9 head (ported). The zetec flowed more CFM than the Evo head but really lacked on the exhaust side. That's easily seen by the gains you get from an intake vs full exhaust. The exhaust will average +10hp while an intake might be good for +5hp.

A tune as you sit now you might see 10hp. But you'll pay more for that hp than you will for exhaust. Partly why is the tune may not be exact and may need to be tweaked a bit. If you go with Tom things like that wouldn't cost you extra vs Randy (Focus Werks) who may charge extra, not always though, case by case basis and they do good work also.

Rhastabudz 03-11-2011 11:35 PM

Parts and labor on exhaust is expensive..

I just took a look at cam shaft gears by AEM @ 173 but since we have dual over hear cams I need two... then installation is prob expensive? Still thinking chip.. Xcal 2 or something? Still kind of clueless of what to do other than buy the best flasher (don't want a chip) and get it tuned by someone around here that has a dyno. How could I skip the Dyno and get a great tune downloaded or something.. lol

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