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euro170 05-14-2010 01:41 AM

tuning- fswerks or focuspower
idk who to go with.. id like to know whos had the best experience with randy and tom.. i know randy does it with sct and tom does it with the diablo predator, i just want to spend my money in the right direction.. the popping from my orp is getting annoying so id like a tune to maybe help and gain some ponies..

sleepyboy 05-14-2010 01:45 AM

This horse has been beat to death [facepalm]

But I'll sit back and watch anyways [popcorn]

2010_SES 05-14-2010 01:51 AM

Taking bets on how many posts before thread gets locked!

sleepyboy 05-14-2010 01:53 AM

I think it's moved beyond locking and more into the MMA kind of Entertainment lol *E style* lol

SMITHBOY76908 05-14-2010 02:20 AM

An excerpt from

Before You Ask

Before asking a technical question by e-mail, or in a newsgroup, or on a website chat board, do the following:

1.Try to find an answer by searching the archives of the forum you plan to post to.
2.Try to find an answer by searching the Web.
3.Try to find an answer by reading the manual.
4.Try to find an answer by reading a FAQ.
5.Try to find an answer by inspection or experimentation.
6.Try to find an answer by asking a skilled friend.
7.If you're a programmer, try to find an answer by reading the source code.

When you ask your question, display the fact that you have done these things first; this will help establish that you're not being a lazy sponge and wasting people's time. Better yet, display what you have learned from doing these things. We like answering questions for people who have demonstrated they can learn from the answers.

Use tactics like doing a Google search on the text of whatever error message you get (searching Google groups as well as Web pages). This might well take you straight to fix documentation or a mailing list thread answering your question. Even if it doesn't, saying “I googled on the following phrase but didn't get anything that looked promising” is a good thing to do in e-mail or news postings requesting help, if only because it records what searches won't help. It will also help to direct other people with similar problems to your thread by linking the search terms to what will hopefully be your problem and resolution thread.

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Never assume you are entitled to an answer. You are not; you aren't, after all, paying for the service. You will earn an answer, if you earn it, by asking a substantial, interesting, and thought-provoking question — one that implicitly contributes to the experience of the community rather than merely passively demanding knowledge from others.

On the other hand, making it clear that you are able and willing to help in the process of developing the solution is a very good start. “Would someone provide a pointer?”, “What is my example missing?”, and “What site should I have checked?” are more likely to get answered than “Please post the exact procedure I should use.” because you're making it clear that you're truly willing to complete the process if someone can just point you in the right direction.


Ok... now that that's out of the way. Let the beaten horse get beaten further. This horse probably doesn't have much left other than a decaying carcus by this point but w/e. I'm just gonna say to contact both of them and speak with each one directly. FSWerks has great customer service, I know this for a fact. Randy is a great tuner and unlike a certain other, will actually make an attempt to help you after you've paid for the tune (but I'll let that die right there). Just do your own research, call each one of them and talk to them and decide who you want to go with from there.

/thread for all our sakes!

blackoutSVT 05-14-2010 03:14 AM

i agree go with how you like.. every one will tell you diffrent things. people how like focuspower love em and those how like FSWorks love them.. so you will never get a real answer to this question. just the same old bitch fest this is about to turn in to. i have a tune from a local tuner and it is fine for now and i paid 60 for the tune since i had the tuner.

tukaniSVT 05-14-2010 09:07 AM

Moved to ECU Tuning Chat

It is a big debate that comes around alot. I have heard great things about both.


bdnld4482 05-14-2010 12:07 PM

here we go again. Befor the pissing contest starts let me go get a keg and pizza.[cheers] ready ........set........... go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!![hatchet][whip][bigcry][nutkick][poke][smackbum][ffrocks][headbang]

scrammer 05-14-2010 12:18 PM

from my experience and what i have heard from others, i believe this is the general consensus:

SVT = Focus-Power
Duratec = FSWerks

for a normal zetec, both are equally good.

a reminder though, with Focus-Power, Tom will update your tunes for free if you stay NA, and if you pay for the FI tune, those tunes are updated for free as well. Not sure if FSWerks does that.

and i agree with all the other members. do a search. there is a tune review thread to make it even easier.
its my hope that this thread just goes dormant before it goes out of control or locked

03OrangeSVT 05-14-2010 12:22 PM

Tom also tunes duratecs just as Randy tunes zetecs... and Tom also tunes with SCT as well as Diablo.

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