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tripbus 09-14-2009 01:40 PM

SCT X3 Tuner
I was contemplating ordering a tuner for my 2009 Ford Focus SES. My car is stock, but I plan to get an intake soon. Does this tuner make much of a difference in power and fuel economy? What options should I get loaded in the tune?

Jgrove998 09-14-2009 03:09 PM

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a tune will always make a difference because the stock ecu is tuned for economy not power lol.

you can go with 91 or 93 octane tune, raised rev limiter, proper calibration for your intake and/or header/exhaust system, aggressive shift at WOT (on automatic transmissions), etc.

I'm no expert so talk to Tom (1turbofocus) or focussport about your options.

Spinal 09-14-2009 03:26 PM

it will make a difference however it'd be way more noticeable on an automatic.

warneej 09-14-2009 04:48 PM

You generally order a tune from a person that is a tuner, not from the company. Turbo Tom who is a vendor on here (among others) sells an XCal3 with his famous tune on it for a very reasonable price.

I'll move this to the ECU Tuning Chat for you.

street_tuner87 09-22-2009 08:45 AM

where can you get tom's tune? how mcuh is it?

1turbofocus 09-22-2009 09:40 AM

The xcal3 is 399.00 and 20.00 for shipping , That comes with my custom tune and you get free updates as long as you stay NA


street_tuner87 09-22-2009 10:24 AM

hmm, i think i found what i want with my refund money, >:D

street_tuner87 09-22-2009 10:25 AM

just curious is there a thread or post that describes your tune and what it consists of?

street_tuner87 09-24-2009 03:45 PM

^^^^ bump

cpz1987 10-11-2009 10:06 AM

how much HP do you normaly get with the xcal3. i have a automatic.

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