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snobrdrdans_sedan 05-10-2005 07:25 AM

2005 SVT Seat Swap (Part 2) -- sucked!
So I got around to putting in the SVT front seats yesterday, Monday.
Driver side went in fine without any problem and the wiring was good too.

Now the passenger seat is a TOTALLY different story. Some of you are gonna be like...yeah whatever he just doesn't know what he's doing. Well...I do.

Here we go...on the 2005's there is a light on the dash (underneath the Hazard switch) that says "Passenger airbag off"
What happens is if it senses a small amount of weight on the seat, but not enough for a person it shuts the passenger airbag off (& the light on the dash comes on)....kind of like if you had a car seat on the passenger seat or something (to protect the kid obviously). But if nothing is on the seat, then then the airbag works like normal. Same with someone sitting works normal.

So anyways...I get the SVT seat in and do the wiring...I see that there is an extra connection on the stock harness. Go to plug it in and the airbag light on the cluster comes on. I undid the battery and reconnected it and it still back on. So I didn't wanna take an easy way out.

Basically, I had to swap over the sensor for the passenger seat onto the SVT seat along with the stock '05 harness/wiring. This is the part that sucked. Underneath the foam of the '05 passenger seat is a gel like pad with tubing and that tubing goes to a sensor & a little black box which is also wired to the seatbelt. So I had to take that off the stock seat and transfer that to the SVT seat along with the wiring & the seatbelt harness for it. So the stock seat harness is on the SVT seat now & I didn't even need the SVT seat harness at all and just zip tied it underneath the seat.
The gel pad has to go underneath the SVT seat's foam SO I peeled back the cover and put it under the foam. The gel pad did fit perfect and had four push pins that went right in on the SVT seat pan. So it was the same seat pan for '05.
Just that the SVT seat didn't have all the little holes underneath to mount the black box & push pins, so I did a quick stencil of the '05 seat and then drilled the holes the in the SVT seat to make it work/match up.

Just a little time consuming and had to take the bottom part of the seats apart to get it to work right.

Turned out good and everything works fine now. No airbag light on the cluster and it works properly.
I guess I was just the guinea

I should've taken more pics when I was doing the swap, but I was in a hurry & this is what I here are some pics:
Light on '05 dash:
Gel pad underneath stock foam:
Gel Pad off seat:
SVT seat finished:
Picture of what everything is:

Seats Installed:

New Addition (Dead Pedal):

GAfocusZX3 05-10-2005 07:36 AM

I just have one question: with all the work, do you think it was worth it?

I say it looks like it was. Those seats are sweet looking in the 05. awesome job man.

Silver03SVT 05-10-2005 07:43 AM

Wow, that does look nice. Those red accents look sharp in your car.

beat3rfocus 05-10-2005 07:53 AM

Looks good Dan....Woulda been easier to give them to me [:D]

osunick 05-10-2005 08:24 AM

Would it have been possible to just swap the bases of the chairs and just the seat covers and foam? Also I noticed that these seats have side airbags, I assume those are not hooked up, right?

MISVTfocus 05-10-2005 10:10 AM

Looks really sweet man! Hey if I see you rollin in a 05 with SVT seats I'll [wave] what area you in?

suarezrh 05-10-2005 12:18 PM

looking good!!! Matches the shift knob nicely!!

_RED_ 05-10-2005 12:41 PM

Man that looks relly good nice job

sexy2002svt 05-10-2005 05:06 PM

looks like it was all worth it to me [thumb]

valthun 05-10-2005 06:47 PM

That is real nice, I would like to do that but with the blue. I want to put the RS wheel in my car.
I talked to my step-brother and he said it should fit, but there may be some wiring issues between the 05 and previous models with the steering wheel swap for the airbag to work properly.

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