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billand 01-31-2013 12:01 PM

Looking at an st
Hey guys we have a 2012 ti w/ handling pack and nav was at the ford dealer today and talked to the sales manager about an ST that they have coming in this week. It's an ST3 in yellow I am thinking about trading my pick up for the st.

For those who have had both a gen 3 focus and an ST how do they comparing and what MPG s do your STs get.

billand 01-31-2013 02:38 PM


bigdesignmachine 01-31-2013 02:50 PM

I avg around 23mpg in the city in my ST. On the highway we have seen upwards of actually 35mpg which is obviously over the rated highway mpg.

There are the obvious differences between the two.

Body styling
Center exit exhaust
18" wheels that are only available on the ST
Turbo EcoBoost engine

200A - Basic seats
No MyFord Touch
6 speaker Single CD stereo

201A - Everything in the 200A
Upgrades seats to partial leather Ricaro seats
10 speaker stereo with 8" touchscreen

202A - Everything in the previous 2 packages
Upgrades seats to all leather Ricaro seats
Ambient lighting
Heated seats
MyFord Touch
HID headlights
Cornering lamps
Exterior mirrors are heated as well.

Only comes with a 6 speed transmission option

You lose some convenience features of the titanium i.e. Active Park Assist, Key-less start

The most popular package seems to be the ST2
Seems most people, like myself only wanted the HIDs but the price difference wasnt worth it. You can do a lot of the things that the 202A package gives you yourself for A LOT less money. The ride in the ST is more performance tuned. The car is slightly lower than a Titanium. I park next to a Tux Blk Titanium here at work almost everyday and my car is noticeably lower than his.

RazorbackMustang 01-31-2013 02:52 PM

My last Focus before the ST was an '03 SVT so I don't have the direct comparison. I have almost 5,000 miles on the ST. I get 22-24 in town most of the time. On my hilly drive to visit my parents it's 27-28. On flat highway it's 33-34.

bigdesignmachine 01-31-2013 03:12 PM

Seems pretty consistent to what I see in mine.

I have 3500 miles on mine. Have had it since Oct 16th.

Macky21 01-31-2013 05:14 PM

My MPG is right within their ranges. I came from a '04 SVT and haven't driven any of the models between that one and an ST.

bigdesignmachine 01-31-2013 05:52 PM

I started in a 2003 ZX3 brand new, then a 2000 SE, and now a 2013 ST.

Dgc333 01-31-2013 07:06 PM


Originally Posted by billand (Post 4566470)
For those who have had both a gen 3 focus and an ST how do they comparing and what MPG s do your STs get.

We have a 2012 Focus SEL we purchased new in June 11, it now has 21k miles. I picked up an ST for myself on 1/2/13 and have about 1600 miles on it so far.

The handling is amazing on the ST it responds immediately and is very confidence inspiring. The handling of the SEL is very good but it just doesn't beg to be pushed the way the ST does.

The ride comfort of the ST, amazingly, is nearly the same as the SEL which is extremely good for a compact car.

I think they both are equally quiet going down the road, my wife thinks the ST is quieter. The sound symposer on the ST provides more entertaining engine sounds under acceleration than the SEL.

Our SEL consistently gets 39 mpg on the hiway and on a 200 mile hiway trip I kept it at 65 the entire way and was able to squeak 43 mpg out of it. In suburban around town driving we have never had a full tank average under 30 mpg and typically get 33-34.

I have not taken a trip yet with the ST so
I do not have any hiway mileage numbers. But my 48 mile round trip suburban commute is giving me 28-29.5 mpg full tank averages. I spent a couple of days commuting (100 miles) trying to get all the ECO leaves and got 32 mpg average over that time. BUT, start running the ST hard with a lot of time in boost the mileage will drop to the low 20's real fast. My commute numbers include 1 or 2 WOT blasts up through the gears each way so if I stayed out of boost for my entire commute I could get my average over 30.

The trip computer on the SEL has consistently been. .8 to 1 mpg low. The ST has been with in +\- .2 mpg.

xxWeinerDogxx 02-01-2013 09:05 AM

My ST has 1700 miles on it. I just did my first manual mpg check. I drove the car all week (265 miles), both highway and around town driving. Included in the driving were the occasional full throttle bursts. My calculation was 28.1 vs the computer at 28.2. I've been putting 89 and 92 fuel in the car.

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