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1turbofocus 03-18-2005 07:40 AM

Predator Help (loading custom tune)
Ford PC Interface

In order to do a custom tune, you will need you to acquire a few things

1) Your vehicle's model, year and if possible box code or calid. Please write this down and double check to make sure it is accurate. You will be using this to name a file with.

2) Serial Cable:
Standard straight-through DB9 (9-pin to 9-pin) RS232C serial cable (6 foot cable is more than enough). Check your computer to see if you have a male or a female port on the back, as some are different. You will need a male end to go into your Predator.

3) Power Adapter:
OUTPUT : 12VDC 1000mA (1 Amp)
Center is positive and outside is negative

Radio Shack normally carries both of these items. Most Wal-Marts have the Power Adapter (multi output version).

Note: If you have a laptop, you can use the vehicle's power to power up the Predator, instead of using a Power Adapter, and just do the following with your laptop and Predator inside of your vehicle.

Install this file to the default directory of its choice.

1: On the Predator, go to "Performance Tune", choose the Tune that you wish to use (Performance or Pulley, depending on your level of modifications), then go to "Modify Tune, Reset All Parameters", now once this completes, hit "Esc" and go to "Install Tune" and let it upload the tune again. This will upload the defaulted Predator tune's performance settings onto your pcm (meaning no modifications made to the fans, shift points, fuel, timing, etc.). Do NOT send me any file with changes made to your fuel or timing. This is VERY important!!!

2: After this is done, go to "Troubleshooting", then "Read Extra Tune", follow prompts and complete this process. This process will read the current tune in the vehicle and temporarily save it so it can be transferred to your PC. This normally takes approx. 2 min. or less. You MUST complete this step, otherwise any file that you send to me will NOT be readable.
3: Once you complete this, open the Predator PC Interface (Xmodem), go to "Options, Port Settings", and ensure that the proper COM port is selected, as well as the proper baud rate on both the software (default on the software is 115200), and also on the Predator (default on the Predator is 57600). You can change the Predator's baud rate by going to "Options, Serial Baud". Please try 57600 on both, first. You will also need this setting to be selected in your Device Manager in Windows for your COM port, so please check to make sure this setting also matches the other two.

4: Hook your Predator up to your PC via the Serial Cable and power the Predator on via the power adapter.

5: On the Predator go to "Options" then "Custom Tune", then select "Export Custom Tune". Select "Extra Tune" and it will start counting up to 100%. On the next prompt do NOT hit "Continue", yet.

6: Then in your Predator PC Interface (Xmodem) software on your PC, click "Get File", enter a file name. PLEASE enter your model/year/boxcode or cali for the file name with either "perf" or "pulley" on the end of it, depending on which file you are sending to me (ex: 03cobraYDH1pulley.frg ) This is VERY important!!!

7: Continuing, once you name the file, click on "OK", and a warning prompt will appear that states, "Connect the Predator and start the Xmodem transfer before pressing OK". Do NOT hit "OK" yet. On your Predator hit "Continue" (Enter), and THEN on your computer hit "OK". This will start transferring the file.

Note: If using 57600 does not work, please change all 3 to 115200 and try all the steps above, again. If by any means you restart the Predator PC Interface Program (Xmodem), and you originally changed and successfully used the baud setting at 57600, you will need to go back and change to that baud rate again, as the Predator PC Interface (Xmodem) program defaults to 115200 each time. Also, the Predator tool itself defaults to a 57600 baud rating, so if you power down the Predator and then power it back up, you will need to change it to 115200 only if you find that you need to use that baud rate setting.

We will build your new tune from this file, and then I will email it back to you and you will download it into the Predator the same way (instructions are below). Please list me all your mods line item style (a new line break after each mod), from the intake to the exhaust. Also, please note what all changes you want done and any issues that you are having now.

To reinstall the new file that you're sent as a "Custom Tune", do the following:

1: On the Predator go to "Options" then "Custom Tune", then select "Import Custom Tune". On the next prompt do NOT hit "Continue", yet.

2: Then in your Predator PC Interface (Xmodem) software on your PC, click "Send File", select the file that you saved that you wish to use, and click on "Open". A "File Transfer Status" dialog box will open up.

3: On your Predator hit "Continue" (Enter). This will start transferring the file.

Note: Remember, if you get time outs or if you aren't getting any communication, to please check your baud settings as you previous did when transferring the file from the Predator to the PC.

4: Install this tune into the pcm as your normally would.

Note: To erase any custom tune out of the Predator and go back to the previous included tuning that came with the Predator default, go to "Options, Custom Tune, Erase Custom Tune".


svtfocus2k4 03-19-2005 10:41 AM

Thats all great Tom but how in the world can I use any of that if the real problems arent defined in the simple walk through.

Any time I try to stream data I get small window that says "Select PID's in tree view". Well there is only one on there and it wont let me click on it. When I click on the PID icon it comes up and says communicating and will stay that way for days.

I have changed the com prot and baud rate a million times and nothing has changed.

What am I doing wrong?

1turbofocus 03-19-2005 12:27 PM

No idea , Im not good on getting the PC to work with the Predator as to walk you through and fine what isnt set correctly with your PC, There are to many diff systems ,98 , se , xp , and on and on

Did you call Diablo sport for help


svtfocus2k4 03-19-2005 04:50 PM

As you can tell I am not good with figuring it out either. I get mad too easy. LOL!

I will call Diablo first thing next week and see what they have to say.

Should using a 9 pin to printer/modem port serial cable be a problem? It should just change what com port I need to use.

I sent you an email with a few different questions that I wont post on here. If you can will you reply to that email.

Thanks for being patient with me Tom,


1turbofocus 03-19-2005 06:47 PM

Hmmm looked didnt get it shoot it to me again


svtfocus2k4 03-19-2005 07:07 PM

email sent.

Also here is what Sidney sent me to help. Hopefully this can help someone else out later down the road.

This may take a min so you might want to print this or take notes. Right click on my computer then click on properties, then go to hardware, then device manager, then click the plus sign next to ports, then right click on comunications port (it should also say what com port it is assigned to), then click on properties. Once all this is pulled up just lets start with a clean slate, make sure on device status it says "This device is working proplerly", then click on port settings, mine reads as follows and since mine works with the predator ok just match them up:
Bits per second: 115200
Data Bits: 8
Parity: None
Stop Bits: 1
Flow Control: None

Then below this click on advanced, then make sure "use fifo buffers" check box is empty (not selected). Then change the com port number to com 2 or one from the drop down menu that is not used (it will say "in use" if that com port is not available.

Next click on Driver and make sure it says Microsoft and then click update driver just to make sure you have the newest one.

Skip the Details tab

then click on Resources and at the bottom make sure it says "No Confilicts".

After all this your com port should be working and all set up. Power up your Predator (hook it up in the car) and hook up the serial cable to it and your laptop (make sure they both have a good conection. Then with the predator booted up to the screen that says "Custom Tune" "Diagnostics" and "Options" click on "Options", then scroll down to "Serial Baud" and since we set your laptop to "115200" we set the Predator to "115200" after this press "ESC" on the predator and keep doing so untill you are at the main menu (Custom Tune" "Diagnostics" and "Options" screen) then while at the main menu open the "CMR DAT" program on your laptop. Click on Options, then Port settings, and match it up with what ever was selected on laptop ( I sugested com 2), the on the same screen select "Baud 115K" and click "OK". after this go to streaming and click on "Start" after this I am not too sure what to do since I don't have it hooked up to my computer or my car but if you get this far and have a conection you can play around with it and figure out the stuff. The only thing you have to remember is you can only monitor six settings in the live stream mode, other than that every thing is great. When you are done click on the red box (stop) and it will stop the data stream and ask you at some point if you would like to save the data log. Click yes and note the spot it is saved and there you go.

sidney61199 03-19-2005 07:22 PM

Did this work for you?

svtfocus2k4 03-19-2005 07:43 PM

nope. It keeps saying "select PID's in tree mode". There is only one icon in that area and nothing happens when I click on it.

pio 03-19-2005 11:16 PM

i asume this is only for svt right ?

WD40 03-21-2005 08:28 PM

Any luck yet, svtfocus2k4?
I consider myself "semi-computer-literate", but it sure would be nicer if this were a more simple process.

Be sure to let us know how it works out for you......

I'm relatively certain this is SVTF specific, as these instructions are for the Diablo "flash tuner".
I don't think you need to worry about this with a "chip tuner".

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