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inis 04-18-2008 04:58 PM

Am I ever getting my block back?
Tom, I really not a mean person. I've tried being very nice about this. I understand what your into, but you also must understand my side. I've been waiting over a month for my block. We talked earlier in this week about me getting the block mailed out asap. I try calling, I get alot of no answers, I try pm'ing but I dont get timily responses if any, even after I've seen you been on for awhile.
I'm at a holding point we're I can't do much without a block. My wife is furious because of this, she has wanted to call you several times... she doesn't want ripped off. I have to reassure her that this is not happening, but I can never get a direct answer that has held up.

If your truely so far behind, why doesn't anyone work past 5pm?
I said I needed it by this week, now that is long gone... The guy that is finishing the short block build for me is 5-6 week behind because of race season. He had schedule me in for this week...

I've also never recieved a invoice for the block decking, this leads me to believe it never made it that far....
I feel as if I have to beg to get my block back. Its very upsetting. I feel as if I have been very reasonable.

I'm sorry I had to make this post, I'm not out bad talk you. But maybe with everyone seeing whats going on, it will light a fire..and get me my block back.

1turbofocus 04-18-2008 05:03 PM

I only wish I didnt work past 5, was there last night till 8:30 after coming home for supper

No this isnt the best way to get me motivated , actually it doesent help at all


inis 04-18-2008 05:15 PM

Well I'm not meaning to piss you off, but I never get direct answers. I did call last night your time at 530, keith said everyone was long gone.

I just want a honest answer when its going to be mailed out, last I knew it was getting ready to be mailed (tuesday), but forgot at last min that the deck needed cut. I was ok with waiting a bit longer to get this done. I wasn't giving a time line, but I would have assumed next day , at most 2 days. Because of the wait I had already endured. Its now friday and I still dont know whats going on.

When I had shipped the block, talking to Jr. I was told 2 days to get it all done, at most a week. Then when you got back , I was told it was never touched.

Maybe our communication skills have lacked, but this entire situation it giving me a headache.

Like I said I'm not meaning to piss you off, make any hardships or anything like that.

1turbofocus 04-18-2008 05:37 PM

If i was to come to the phone every time it rang that is all I would be doing all day , Keith is not part of my Dyno buisness or does he know what I am buisy with in the back of the shop, I dont give finish dates , I give dates that if all things go well i will try to have it finished by , your block was done and being crated with all the things you asked for done then we talked about decking it because it wasent on the list and you requested that to be finished as well , I did that and got it finished today but not in time to box and ship

Im am truely sorry for the delay ,


inis 04-18-2008 05:43 PM

Ok thank you, what do I owe you for the decking? (I'll paypal you sometime tonight) .. and can I expect it to be shipped monday or tuesday?


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