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whynotthinkwhynot 10-04-2011 08:56 PM

Boosting your Metabolism
Anyone interested in physical fitness knows that muscle burns more energy than fat in the body. That's great if you're already fit, but some of us aren't. Enter the BS pharmaceutical or herbal combination industry touting one manufactured metabolite fix-all paraded around by some sexy bod after another. Well I got some of the secret ingredients nailed down, first of all there is the hot bod.

We all want that right?

Well work out all you want, but there are a few of us out there who have a better chance with her than losing the spare tire. You can reduce it, but you can't lose it. Well this might not help, but it won't hurt either.

1) You've heard it before, now it's time to do it: eat 5 meals per day. Morning is more important than night time. Your first 2 meals should be your largest. Dinner should be your smallest meal, and you should avoid working out 3-4 hours before bedtime. That might not be ideal for everyone, so if you're used to working out at night- it's probably a lesser evil than not eating breakfast.

2) Coconut oil is not easy to find, but it will increase your metabolism all on it's own. Unless you just love to cook in oil and swap coconut oil for peanut oil, the best way to get some is to just take 2 tablespoons per day. Try health food stores, international food stores, and you should have some luck. It increases thyroid hormones, and burns fat. Farmers in the 40's tried feeding cheap coconut oil to their cows to fatten the cows up, but instead the animals became very active and lean. Studies also show that people in the Yucutan have a higher metabolism than people in the USA even though the climate is warmer- which usually causes a higher metabolism. Coconut oil was found to be one of the culprits.

3) Green tea- a buddy of mine recently brought his weight and blood pressure under control so he didn't have to take BP medicine by quitting energy drinks entirely, and fixing green tea. He made his own iced green tea with lemon and orange flavor. There are many different recipes online, and if you want to get really high tech a real tea pot makes a big difference in how the tea tastes. Tea bags are acceptable though.

4) Mate (mah- tay) tea is like green tea supercharged, and it comes from South America- the same people who brought you cocaine and caffeine. It does contain caffeine, but not enough to make you jittery. What it does contain is a lot of nutrients that increase energy and thyroid function. It's available at health food stores, but don't pay too much. I've seen some ridiculous price differences like $45 to $7 per 24 bags, and have seen it as low as $25/100. Let NAFTA work for you- drink some mate tea instead of a Monster.

5) B- Vitamins should come as no surprise for anyone who's done any weight training, but those do more than help build muscle. A B-complex is a good supplement for any diet, but you might want a sublingual B-12 to really boost your energy. I get mine at Costco, 2500 mg, and cherry flavor. It works well enough to keep me from falling asleep at my sleepy job.

6) More water means more energy burned. We need it for our bodies to properly burn energy no matter what else you drink. Most people go through life dehydrated right- who can drink 64 oz of water per day? If you're sweating outside sure, but not if you're sitting around a cubicle. Look at it this way- if you have a spare tire, then you need it filled, what a better way to get it filled than with zero calories that promotes energy burning. I've found it's a great way to keep myself from feeling so hungry between small meals.

That's about it for now. More later, and please enjoy another shameless pic of the same hot body.

mix1983 10-05-2011 02:34 AM

What about people who want to slow down their metab.?

sleepyboy 10-05-2011 02:42 AM


Originally Posted by mix1983 (Post 3847566)
What about people who want to slow down their metab.?

Then eat McDonald's lol

whynotthinkwhynot 10-05-2011 06:07 AM


Originally Posted by mix1983 (Post 3847566)
What about people who want to slow down their metab.?

I'll see what I can do for ya, there has to be hypothyroid and anti-thyroid substances as well- corn is one I can think of offhand. I believe soy is also. Do the opposite of the #1- don't eat until noon, then eat a really big meal before bed.

Duffman355 10-05-2011 06:00 PM

coconut oil is amazing stuff, and her boobs look so much better in the second picture. When I am not sitting around on the weekends pigging out on pizza and alcohol I usually only eat like 2 meals a day. For example today, I had 4 eggs, 4 pieces of bacon and a bunch of cheese scrambled. I'm pretty bad. Atleast I lift weight a few days a week.

sleepyboy 10-05-2011 06:56 PM

You shouldn't eat before bed time or exercise. That's not good sleep hygiene, just to let ya'll know. All other info is great and appreciated! Not to mention the pics, coconut oil and her...MM [giddy]

Duffman355 10-06-2011 12:39 AM


Originally Posted by mix1983 (Post 3847566)
What about people who want to slow down their metab.?

sidenote, if you are a scrawny guy looking to pack on muscle, all you need to do is eat 6000 calories a day or more. Do you eat sandwiches, screw that. Have a pound of beef. Look up the paleolithic diet. If you are hungry, it is too late. Eat meat, dairy, veggies and berries. Protein and animal fats are not bad for you! Eat bacon! Despite common belief it won't hurt you. Eat what man was meant to eat. Basically the aforementioned.

Duffman355 10-06-2011 12:44 AM

^^^ btw, that was much less prolific than I wanted it to be but I am playing online games and only have time to post during loading

03OrangeSVT 10-06-2011 08:56 AM

Now I want to elaborate on a few things you'll need to do while getting your metab up.

When you first start losing weight you'll start experiencing mild muscle cramps (if you've jacked up your metab by either natural or chemical means) you get these cramps because your muscles keep twitching even when you're asleep.

Theres a few things you can do to help keep cramping at bay..... and this works also with cramping from working out as well.

1) WATER.... drink lots of it. Water keeps those evil toxins flushed out of your body.

2) Potassium and Taurin ... these are 2 vital minerals that your body needs to function and when you work and sweat, you sweat out these to minerals and you WILL get cramps.... I have experienced this myself many times and taking these two supplements does work.

And of course just taking vitamins in general will help negate losses due to whatever diet you may be on.... always remember no diet is perfect and not everything works for everyone.

talamant3z 10-07-2011 04:54 PM

what i have learned from exercising is its all in your genes. if your lucky and got good genes then chances are your not too fat and happy. If you have bad genes your on the heavy side looking for the quick fix. All i can say is diet and exercise shit just watching your carb intake will do wonders to your health. also vitamin b-12 is hard to absorb pills and drinks wont do much you have to inject it to work, and nothing really backs that it helps a lot. so if you plan on doing b-12 inject that shiet haha

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