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tukaniSVT 11-03-2011 11:26 AM

Houston Saturday Morning Cruise
Hey Guys,

I forgot to post this up early this week

But if you are in the mood for a fun cruise and have an open Saturday morning ...

The MSO Team and StrictlyGs is hosting a cruise in the morning and from what I gathered from the Team Leaders ... it is a spirited cruise ... if you know what I mean.


Here is the info copied from Facebook:
Cruise through Sam Houston Forest and Lake Livingston. Experience the rolling hills, wide sweeps, twisty roads and enjoy some of Texas's most beautiful landscape. Invite your friends!
We will also stop for lunch at one of the selected restaurants throughout the course So please bring some money with you.

Items (Optional):
Full Tank of Gas!!!
First Aid Kit
Jack Stands
Tools for the "Just in case shit happens"
Sun Glasses
Go Pro


South Side Meet Up - 9:00 am (Leave for Woodlands Mall at 9:30am)
Star Bucks Galleria
2521 Post Oak Blvd
Houston, TX 77056

North Side Meet Up - 10:00 am
Woodlands Mall
Parking Lot West Of Panera Bread (near Woodloch Forest Dr)

Cruise Starts: 10:30am

Pattacular 11-03-2011 11:38 AM

I'm going.

Blue5ive 11-03-2011 03:48 PM

Sounds fun but gotta work at 12pm.

tukaniSVT 11-03-2011 04:47 PM

Yeah. and I have a gig around 3pm ... so I am debating on going or not.

But these guys keep calling me to go ... lol. I feel included.


Blue5ive 11-03-2011 05:00 PM

Well if they are leaving Woodlands mall at 1030 it's almost an hour to Livingston and Sam Houston Forest. Then drive around for 1 hour plus, lunch b4 or after that is about an hour would have you heading back 130-2 pm. Would be close.

tukaniSVT 11-03-2011 06:49 PM

Right ... and that's what I told them. for me ... plus I need to spend the morning to prepare the SVT for AutoX this weekend.


71shadow 11-03-2011 10:40 PM

Royal purple again ray?

sleepyboy 11-03-2011 10:49 PM

Man this sounds like something I would love to be a part of. Too bad I'm back to work now. Maybe we should have a mini version of this?

Blue5ive 11-03-2011 11:14 PM

^this but with a bit more notice.

Just realized no Autox posting this month. X2 on location?

tukaniSVT 11-04-2011 12:02 AM

Yes Royal Purple Raceway ...

Sorry, guys Izzy's passing threw me off on posting up the AutoX ...

But I will get back to it.


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