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1turbofocus 05-13-2011 08:42 AM

Going to be in Houston
I will be in Houston at The MSR Houston track doing some testing and tuning for a Customer

Is there anything going on this weekend , I will be there Sat some time through Tues or Wed


Pattacular 05-13-2011 09:58 AM

I believe Saturday night is a meet on the north side of town. And Monday night there is a meet on the East side of town. You are welcome to join both :)

VenomRogue 05-13-2011 11:01 AM

nothing to do there.

come to Dallas instead.

tukaniSVT 05-13-2011 11:34 AM

Busy weekend for me, TTom. But I'll see about opening some time to bump into you sometime this weekend.

When will you be at the MSR Track?


FocusFreak09 05-13-2011 12:20 PM


Originally Posted by VenomRogue (Post 3669590)
nothing to do there.

come to Dallas instead.

nothing to do there either thats why hes coming to Htown lol.

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1turbofocus 05-13-2011 03:03 PM


I will be staying in my Customers Condo at the track for a few days , His Garage is under the Condo so I mostly will be at MSR from Sat night through Wed or Thur

Where is the GTG going to be in Houston would like to be there


Pattacular 05-13-2011 04:57 PM

Actually the one I thought was Saturday isn't until next Saturday.

BUT! The Monday meet is at 10321 Katy Freeway, Houston, TX 77024

Here is the thread about it

Matsuo 05-13-2011 07:17 PM

OH LAWD DAMNIT! WHAT A TERRIBLE WEEKEND! I could have had you tune my car too =( maybe i can take sunday off... *ponders*

sleepyboy 05-13-2011 08:27 PM

^^I know right lol

SvviftSVT 05-13-2011 09:08 PM


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