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ChuckDee 07-07-2010 09:01 PM

Team pursue. represent.
Ok so me and david have talked earlier about what direction Team Focalize is heading. i loved the idea of us creating a crew right before the show(and i know yal did too), just so we'll be able to represent and the whole Houston Import scene will recognize that we're not just a bunch of focuses crowded together but we are an exclusive car club and i want to keep that going.

I dont want all of the effort that all of us have put into creating a group for us and let it die right after the show has ended. i want to keep it thriving and if i have to be the ONLY one to do so, then so be it. but i know most of yal who are reading this, agree on the same thing. That we need a crew name for all of Houston modded focus owners to stand by when people ask "If we're part of a crew". i remember years ago, when having g2g and meets in Houston for all of us was rare and practically no one met up. But with the determination to gather more focus owners all over Houston to meet up in one place a month, is what drove us to having the best meets we've ever had in years. Within about 2 years, we've all managed to gather more focus owners (new comers and veterans...paul, ray and myself lol) to come meet up, with an average of 12+/- cars, within every month of the year. All because of the determination to meet and gather more members into our focus scene.

with this in mind, I want to do the same for all of us in Team Focalize. I want to gather more new members interested in joining a Focus-only crew and we can only achieve this with determination. Determination in making us another well-known team and to get our name out there among all the others in the Houston Import scene.

I Made this thread for discussing new ideas, suggestions in making our team better and to also welcome newcomers who want to become members as we grow in size. I know with enough support and determination, that we can do this. We can be another well-known name in Houston.

*also to add, so far me and david will handle the advertising/promotion aspect of our team to make us well known and to inform other focus drivers to join our team.

FocusFreak09 07-07-2010 09:25 PM

I think y'all need to create some business cards that show team focalize on it and focusfanatics so that way we promote both the crew and the site to get more houston action the site and also more action with the crew. I like the idea of the crew but the only problem I see is that some of us like me and chris and wheoever else don't have jobs and won't be able to afford certain things til we get jobs.
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sleepyboy 07-07-2010 09:50 PM

^^I also want to add isn't really not that exclusive? Didn't 1000's of peeps buy fofo's? [drummer]

[limp] I know but it was the best thing I could come up with [facepalm]

ChuckDee 07-07-2010 10:11 PM

^^haha and yeh as im out of work, i feel your pain jeremy. im not really gonna require much from everyone, or become one of those teams to requires a lot to join. we're not even well-known yet, so we have to be open-minded to those planning to join but also have some sort of boundaries...we're not desperate lol. i also agree on business cars, ill see if i can come up with something.

tukaniSVT 07-09-2010 12:47 PM

Interesting ... let's see how long we can hold on to it.

I like Jeremy's idea of the biz cards, but who will fork out the dough to cover the print cost?


FocusFreak09 07-09-2010 02:07 PM

The people hwho make the most money should fork over the money for the cards LOL j/k. maybe one day we can all pitch in some money depending on if people have it or not. Now if we are gonna do a houston car club/crew type thing then i say have a carwash one day or do bar b que plates or something to that affect where we can make money or take donations.

tukaniSVT 07-09-2010 02:26 PM

Events. Those are hard to put together, but yes can make some good money.

Now, you have to fork out a bit to start but then can make it big.

To do such a thing, you need to really plan it out. Look at the pros and cons and make sure you work under a budget that you can work with to start. Know who you will aim and what kind of product will generate some revenue.

I've worked with event organizers before, it's a hard thing in any scale. Just make sure you know what you will get into to do such a thing.


VonKrause 07-09-2010 03:19 PM

If we can get a smaller car banner I would join (or even join without a sticker)... if it's ok with you guys. Really dig the focus scene and have had a ton of fun so far, and am willing to chip in for the cards. How much would they cost?

Also my boss tells me planet zero holds some kind of meet for houston import like once a month if anyone is interested for the team to show up and represnet team focalize.
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FocusFreak09 07-09-2010 03:49 PM

Planet zero is where some of us met for the first time, me and my chick met ray there once for the first time which is when i got into the focus scene. I have only been there 1 time.

tukaniSVT 07-09-2010 04:15 PM

Yeah the Houston Import crowd usually hang out there at planet zero. There is a lot of drama there though. Many of the groups have some hatred for each other and lots of hatred for us focus crowd owners.

Nice cars there anyways, just stopped going for all of the hating. So, I only go if I get an assignment for photography.

Use to have good friends go there all the time, even they stopped going because of all of the drama from the meets.


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