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vinnieZTS 04-26-2010 08:44 PM

R.I.P. "dudezinc13"
I was reading the news and found out that a local car enthusiast, along with two others, were killed by a drunk driver this weekend. He was also a member on here that went by "dudezInc13".

My condolences go out to the Zamarripa family and the other families who lost their loved ones.

first story:

Updated story:


SAN ANTONIO -- A San Antonio couple is going through the pain of losing a second son to a suspected drunk driver.

Christi Zamarripa's oldest son, 23-year-old Petey Zamarripa, was killed when police say a drunk driver crashed into his car this past weekend.

Christi and her husband Pedro told News 4 WOAI Petey had a passion for car shows and the trophies to prove it. Petey was driving home from a birthday party early Sunday morning with his fiancée and two friends when a drunk driver's vehicle jumped the median and crashed into his Ford Focus on Military Drive near South Flores. Christi remembers the last thing she and her husband said to their son.

"We told him be careful," Christi said.

The crash killed three people traveling inside Petey's car, including Petey. He died in the same horrific way his 14-year-old brother Ricky did just four years ago. He was killed by a young person who was drunk and behind the wheel. Christi describes her grief as a déjà vu nightmare.

"Both our babies are gone. I only had two boys, thinking that was enough to keep my heart full," explained Christi. "And now, they're both gone."

Christy says she's left with just one tiny piece of hope that she feels would make her sons smile.

"I can say now, 'Well he's with his brother.'"

Petey's fiance, Lisa Molina, was the only survivor from inside the car. Her family told News 4 WOAI she is at Brooke Army Medical Center. She suffered a broken neck, two broken legs, a broken arm, and lacerations to her face.


MikeF2D 04-26-2010 08:59 PM

good god.....RIP Petey

fhh02a 04-26-2010 09:56 PM

dude.....damn drunk drivers

UtahSVT 04-26-2010 10:36 PM

and I bet nothing happen to the drunk driver!!!! That is really tragic. :( Pray for his family and fiance.

StaX 04-27-2010 02:11 PM

I HATE to hear that makes my heart hurt, my prayers go out to them.

WD40 04-27-2010 02:16 PM

Holy crap...that sucks. [:(]
My prayers are with the family.

marinestank69 04-27-2010 04:52 PM

may god rest his soul......... and may the judge cram a life sentence up the drunk drivers a$$,,,,,,,

FocusFreak09 04-27-2010 06:09 PM

i know how their family feels. i myself lost someone to drunk driving but he was a friend but it still hurts. my prayers go out to the family.

Deaner 04-27-2010 06:51 PM

My prayers to the family.
Sad to see someone getting killed over a stupid idiotic drunk driver.

blackoutSVT 04-27-2010 08:51 PM

when are people going to learn to not drink and drive.. this is just another needless death cause some dip shit couldn't call a taxi or a friend to come get them... i hope the drunk driver lives so they have to live the rest of their life in 1 prison and 2 with the guilt that they took a life for their reckless actions...

my hart goes out to the family's involved and who lost loved ones... y'all are in my prayers...

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