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VonKrause 04-26-2010 09:14 AM

Holy crap! Tons of FoFo's in florida (Pic heavy guys)
Ok, just got back from a vacation in Florida specifically Sanabel Island which is just west of Ft. Myers. Now I started to notice a very large amount of FoFos driving around, so I started counting and it was something like 1 in 8 cars on the island were focus. Oddly of the fofo's there all but 3 of them were 08+. Halfway through the week I started to take pictures of all the ones I saw and it became a game.

Now some of the pics are blurry and some fofo's are hidden in the pic since I was catching them on the fly. Keep in mind that I didn't start until half way through the week while I was down there and I missed a lot of cars since I didn't always have my camera with me or on.

Anyway onto the pics.
^two for one, same color model and year in same lot.
^SES model WITH the spoiler! I want that spoiler [hihi]
^Red fofo
^Black fofo hidden behind the car in the foreground
^I see you over there!
^Trying to get away
^Amongst the trees
^V two of the older fofo's
^Not a FoFo but a very cool pic regardless.

Well there they all are, well what I caught anyway. I put it here since I wanted to show it to the texas crowd and since it's not modified foci or my focus I didn't want to put it in showroom. If it gets moved I just wanted to defend why it's here. [8D]

ChuckDee 04-26-2010 01:09 PM

well old ppl are commonly seen in focuses, and Florida is a common retirement state lol.

tukaniSVT 04-26-2010 02:27 PM

We can do that same thing here ... I see Foci daily ... But finding them fixed up in custom ways is the fun part.

I've seen quite few modified ones around town ... but since I am always driving ... I can't just stop and take a pic.

Nice photo of the ... stork, is it?


FocusFreak09 04-26-2010 03:16 PM

yea i could take a million pics of foci around this area. there are very few fixed up but when i do see them i stare at them to see if they look at me lol. i even saw a white one like mine with wierd rims that stuck out and it looked like crap

VonKrause 04-26-2010 05:06 PM

True we could take pics here and there would be a bunch, it was the insanly high % that caught me off guard. Like I said 1 out of 8 was a FoFo.

And it's a herring I think... Whatever it was it was a large bird that was posing for the camera. He stood there for like 20 min while the sun set and as soon as it was beyond the horizon he took off. It was almost like he was saying, "Take my photo cause I love it when you do." Not even kidding was about 3 foot away from him when I got that pic. [woot]

tukaniSVT 04-26-2010 05:46 PM

Timing is everything when it comes to Nature shots.


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