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Adzar1207 03-06-2010 07:10 PM

DFW area meet?
Hey guys, i just moved up from Killeen, and was wondering when the meets were up here?

tukaniSVT 03-06-2010 09:16 PM

Visit the DFW guys at

They usually meet up on Monday nights at different locations.


Adzar1207 03-07-2010 11:44 AM

i registered on there, but the latest active post is over a week old.

tukaniSVT 03-07-2010 06:32 PM

Yeah ... they have been pretty empty for a while ... but they do get on.

But like I said their usual time is Monday Nights - Weekly.

So, one of the guys will jump on here and give you some info sometime to catch up with them.


Adzar1207 03-10-2010 12:14 AM

ok, now it getting rediculous..... i have tried alot to login to TSC but no dice, so i registered a new login/pass, and once again no dice. to this point i now have 8 different login/pass names, all of which have been followed by a welcome to tsc email, but none work at the login screen. and the dumb part is you cant contact an admin to tell them its messed up without logging in first!!! does anyone here know any peeps on there, preferably an admin that can help me out. all i wanna do is attend a few meets here in dallas, since going to the houston ones is now way outta reach.

please help.....

tukaniSVT 03-10-2010 08:51 AM

Yeah ... I know one of the head admins ... I will text him here in a bit see what's up.


Adzar1207 03-10-2010 10:52 AM


captcomputer 03-15-2010 06:29 PM

hey, sorry about that, things have been busy and I have neglected my duties.

Andrew I'll check for your account and see whats up.

tukaniSVT 03-15-2010 11:31 PM

Joe ... to the rescue ...


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