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Matsuo 01-06-2010 12:25 PM

Anyone have a wheel balance in houston?
I think my wheels need to be balanced really bad but I can't afford the $25/wheel that other places want b/c I don't have a job. I'll buy whoever lunch or something if you consider that a fair deal...

Thanks =D

tukaniSVT 01-06-2010 03:56 PM

....... honestly .... if you can scrap some cash together ... NTB has a great program with when you get your tires balanced they can set you up with a plan that covers that car's balance for another 2 years ... Saves money ... you can get a balance and alignment as many times as you like from them with that.


ChuckDee 01-07-2010 12:27 AM

really? ima go find out about that on friday.

sleepyboy 01-07-2010 04:47 AM

Where did yo get the wheels and tires from? Would'n't they balance them for you? Every where I've gotten a tire from always rotated and balanced them for free. Heck I even went to discount tire for free even when I didn't have there tires lol.

Oh and Matt don't feel bad I have a job and can't even buy tires lol. Speaking of I need to get a hold Jeremy..*picks up phone and realizes it's 4:49am Dooh!!*

ChuckDee 01-07-2010 03:40 PM

lol send him his number yo! hes been askin about u

sleepyboy 01-08-2010 03:29 AM

Hey man I was looking around pricing tires and I found out that Wal-mart will balance your tires for 5 bucks a wheel. For life time balancing its 7.50. Just a thought.

sleepyboy 01-08-2010 03:30 AM

Wow I just notice they charge 2 bucks per lug nut removed haha what a rip lol

tukaniSVT 01-08-2010 08:57 AM

... well ... I get squeamish thinking Walmart or Sears will be touching my car ... that isn't their fort-ay ...


sleepyboy 01-08-2010 09:31 PM

^^ah come on Raymond they probably just don't open there eyes when they work that's all lol

Matsuo 01-14-2010 10:45 AM

lol $2 per lug nut....
The reason why I asked if anyone had one is because I literally have NO money, like I am -80 in my bank account right now, and I wont have money until im able to find a job that doesnt require a 4 year degree or 2 years experience.... I want to stay away from food, retail and and like hard manual labor (construction, you guys know my body size so its obvious why i dont wanna do that) so it's really freaking hard to find a job with those exclusions =(

I might have to just ask aprents for some money caus emy wheels are so freaking off balanced I feel like they are about to fly off when im doing 55+... atleast i think it's the wheel balance. My steering wheel has alot of vibration and there's alot of road noise like something it wobbly so I assume it's wheel balance.

On another note, when my tax return comes in i'm going to take care of that if Ihavent found another means to but then i'm getting the exhaust and intake for my car.... Install gtg maybe? =D i'l get drinks!

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