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BlueFocusSVT04 02-27-2009 12:29 PM

sft mini meet
Hey guys, let's get together sometime in early March. We can maybe do dinner at Fuel Pizza in Gastonia. Something small. I already know everyone will not be able to attend. Just something informal. Post on it, if you're interested. Laters,Brandon

SVTF200487 03-02-2009 01:14 AM

what about the thing next weekend??

focusmaniaczx3 03-02-2009 01:22 PM

what thing next weekend? im pretty sure thats in SO CAR

tangerine dream 03-05-2009 04:07 PM

Hey Brandon, how about next weekend, the 14th? I'm headed to Virginia this weekend to visit Dee's mom, we're celebrating Dee's birthday on the 21st, and it looks like the Morrow Mountain meet might be rescheduled to the 28th. That would be my only open weekend. Whaddya think?

focusmaniaczx3 03-08-2009 03:12 PM

sounds like a winner to me what about you brandon?

BlueFocusSVT04 03-08-2009 09:33 PM

We should be able to make it happen.

SVTF200487 03-08-2009 09:38 PM

^^^^ Did't we just have one. I just left ur house. Jay Came by ur place..

focusmaniaczx3 03-09-2009 01:55 AM

i would love to make that. its just a hop skip and jump for me to get to gastonia. i am a very bored person now with way too much time on his hands so this meet = winner

tangerine dream 03-10-2009 04:45 PM

OK so are we down with this on Saturday? Who all is going to show up? Anybody have an idea of what time to start?

I'll be there for sure. DeEtta will be too, but she has to work in the morning. She'll be off by noon, so I'm hoping we could make it an early afternoon meet. What do the rest of you guys think?

Hey Brandon, do you have an addy so we can mapquest directions?

focusmaniaczx3 03-10-2009 09:01 PM

ill be there. just got the car back on the road today. lots of painting and stuff to do. probably gonna look like crap but ill be there. need an address

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