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focusin 04-05-2006 06:43 PM

Dealership/Shop Review for the South East
This thread is for any good/bad reviews of any dealers or performance shops in the SE region. If you've had a good experience with and Dealer or aftermarket shop in the entire SE, let us know.

This is not a rant thread, do not post a long ass story about why dealers suck etc..........,

Put in a basic format

Dealer/shop name-

Location/ (website if avail.)-

Experience- good/bad?

Reason- short story of why it was good or bad.

Also if you have any names of service techs or installers that helped you in a significant way that you would like to recommend them.

I hope this helps someone.


focusin 04-05-2006 06:48 PM

My review of a DEALER

Name- Long Lewis Ford

Location- Hoover, AL.

Experiance- GREAT!!

Reason- I had been trying to get a new car for a while I was recomended to LL Ford by Dell (Gop114). I was connected to Kevin Rima. He found the EXACT car I wanted, every thing I could possibly want was on this car and NOTHING I didn't. They knew i could not make a drive up there to sign papers so they mailed them to me so i did not have to. They gave me a GREAT deal and changed my perspective on dealers.

Names- Kevin Rima-Salesman

guarinox 04-07-2006 12:26 AM

Mullinax Ford in Apopka, Fl


Just the fact that i got my 2005 zx3 se brand new out the door for $11.6k is enough....and my first 2 services are free.

Their prices are no dealer or handling or bullcrap fees like all other dealers....

SVTguy182 04-07-2006 09:50 AM

Town and country ford in bessemer, al is great to deal with. Bought my car from "sparky" and had my car in ther service shop. Gave me a kick ass trade in value on my old zx3 and a great price on my svt. Also my family has bought 5 cars from this dealer and sales person. A++ dealer.

Earnest mccarty (sp) in alabaster, al. Also another great dealer with a friendly service staff. Work on my car without any questions.

Adamson ford in downtown bham, al....they suck balls. Avoid them at all costs. Wouldnt even look at my car for the dsi clip or clutch tsb that ford had out. Unfriendly sales staff. F+ *click*

cruzstyle 04-10-2006 09:05 AM

pulliam ford
columbia SC
they are one of the best dealers i have ever been to. very helpful. they really are there for the customer. they all work off salery, so they dont really care to much how much they sell u a car for. they are also SVT certi.
got my car for 11G no hassle

cruzstyle 04-10-2006 09:12 AM

also if your looking for a mustang gt go there they have sold 4 to my friends for 16-17 grand. loaded. this could be because we are military but i dont know

warneej 10-05-2006 05:05 PM

Ok i got 2, one good one bad

Name: Carl Gregory Ford

Location: Auburn, AL

Experience: BAD

Story: Pretty much anyone from the Auburn area can tell you they suck dick and everyone has stories about them but pretty much they do crappy service work, are extremely impolite and unknowledgable and refuse to do warrenty work and threaten to cancel it etc...pretty much my transmission is screwed because of them...

Number 2:

Name: Mike Patton Ford

Location: Opelika, AL

Experience: GOOD

Story: Probably the best dealership I've been to in the south, extremely polite and nice, knowledable, and are willing to help ya out. Beautiful facilities that are brand new and clean, just the best people you can think of, basically I'm willing to drive 20 minutes to go to them instead of 2 minutes to Carl Gregory.

1SVTFocus 10-23-2006 11:21 PM


1turbofocus 11-14-2006 11:10 PM


deaconblue23 11-25-2006 06:57 AM

Ive got two....

Champion Ford, Lincoln, Mercury, Mazda in Owensboro, KY. Had a coupon for "The Works" for $20. Then the told me that I have a bad rear wheel bearing, and that my spark plugs need changing. I asked the tech how does he know that the spark plugs need to be changed(I had just changed them 2 weeks before this). Hetold me that he was just going by mileage. And the had also already had the wheel off trying to fix the bearing issue, BEFORE they told me. I would not take any car to this dealer ever!!!!!

Hudson Ford Nissan in Madisonville, KY. This is where I bought my 05 ZX3 SE. Brad is a wonderful guy to deal with. Sticker on the car was $18k left with it at $12k. Service dept is wonderful also. An interior plan popped off one day ran by, they were really busy. One of the techs came out and spent 30 min to get popped back into place for me, NO APPOINTMENT! Would defintely do business with again!!!


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