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jgraeff 05-21-2013 08:34 AM

New Tires for Focus?
Hey guys im new here from Fl.

I have had my 2008 focus for about 3 years now and put a lot of miles on it and its time for new tires and brakes.

I currently have Nexen 3000 tires on and their performance is nice but i find them loud, unless its the car road noise not sure.

Im looking for a reliable tire that will last a long time and will be quiet.

the tires are still ok but starting to wear down im assuming about 60k on this set not sure what their rated for.

Thanks guys appreciate it,


mac.mogul 05-21-2013 10:41 AM

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The car is sort of naturally noisy, I've discovered.
You'd need to invest in good bushings and spring isolators to really quiet these cars down.
My car was quiet for about a month after I got my Ecsta 4X tires and as they are wearing it's just getting noisy again.

If you're not afraid of summer tires, I would recommend Sumitomo HTRZ II. I had them on my old Mustang and they are very quiet tires and perform very well above their price range. Treadwear isn't so great, but luckily they are low-cost.

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