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Pengelly88 01-21-2013 10:49 AM

Engine replacement after 9 months??
Hi all, completely new to this site but thought id write this to see if anyone would like to pass comment! Mainly due to the fact that i need to vent some of my frustrations out!
So i bought my new 2012 Focus Titanium (150 ps) in March 2012. 9 months down the line i get some problems. Power being lost at random times, temperature needle flies from 80 to 120 and back within seconds, all with no warning light. Call my local dealership, they tell me i cannot book it in until the following week and to carry on driving if there is no warning light.
Next day, huge problems. Whole load of water burnt off (i keep a keen eye on water and oil as i also own a MG!) in the space of 18 miles, and all power lost. Take car straight to the dealership. No courtesy cars available, dealership 15 miles away from home. 10 days of calls to find out what is happening with the car, "still waiting on the diagnosis"
Numerous calls to Ford Customer Relations, "We cannot help until we have the diagnosis", all whilst using trains and buses to get to work as i live in the middle of no where!
Christmas Eve is approaching, beg FCR to help me out, they manage to persuade the dealership to get me in a courtesy car as long as i return it 09:00 27th December (not a chance, im away for Christmas) But after a quick phone call this has been extended by FCR. Now the next few weeks after this have been some of the most frustrating of my life! Numerous calls between each party involved, FCR seem to want to help, and the dealership are just delaying me and not giving me any answers. It was always, parts are ordered, waiting for parts, waiting for the analysis, etc etc. It was up until the 16/01/13 that i really found anything out. The dealership phoned me and tried to tell me my wheel alignment is out, and want to sell me 2 (over priced) tires. I politely declined. On the off chance i asked if there was an update on my car, to which i got told they finished fitting the engine that morning! Wow, i was shocked! This is approx 34 days after they got my car and this was the first i heard about an engine replacement! After a call to FCR, i told them and they too were also a bit miffed. They called the dealership and found out what was going on. I was told to expect my car to be (finally) ready on 17/01/12. This day came and went and i decided to leave work early to take a trip to the dealership (20+ miles away)
Managed to speak to a manager and explain the whole situation. After saying it was impossible because they had a log on a computer that told them each time they made a call. After telling me i must have told them my number wrong (even though they are quite capable of calling me to try and sell me something) they phoned it in and i held it up to them to show it was in fact, the correct number.
Now, after the manager trying to find excuses, and myself explaining everything even remotely related to this problem, he promised me my car would actually be ready tomorrow (18/01/13) when they take collection of this one small part, a tension-er or something similar. The manager promised he he would personally pick it up from another dealership approx 60 miles away. They told me that out of their 11 dealerships, they only have 1 of these tools!
So Friday comes and goes, a quick phone call to tell me the guy picking up the part phoned in sick, and there were no vans around to delivery. So another promise of my car being ready on the Monday (21/01/13)
As you can tell, i am writing this to you all on Monday 21/01/13 and guess what.... the car isn't ready. The car is being worked on today but needs an "extensive road test" prior to collection, and it will be ready for me tomorrow, 22/01/13, a whole 40 days since i took it in!
Now, i mainly wrote this to vent anger, sorry it took so long! To anyone that made it this far, thank you very much for your time! The dealership have offered me a free service (my car was on 12,200 miles, service due at 12,500) but as they have fitted a brand new engine, there isn't really much to do along the lines of a service! I have been paying for my car all through these last 40 days. I want to know where i stand along the lines of "good will gestures" or the like. Because, quite frankly, i feel like i have been put through a little too much considering i bought a new car to avoid motoring hassle! My old MG gives me less hassle! My whole family buy new fords, regularly. My mum and dad decided against buying another new ford based on this experience and the poor service they received from the sales dept of this dealership! They bought a Citroen of all things.

Anyways, thank you for your time. Any comments are most appreciated!

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