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bramley 05-05-2012 06:51 AM

Help! Turbo? on '02 Focus in UK?
Hi, I am trying to help my sister! She has two young children and no time!! But, knows more about engines than me!! Please read I will try to make clear points.

Her car 2002 Ford Focus TDI. ( she bought for 3k and couple of months back - has since fixed a bearing!)... The central locking broke last week! now needs to lock all doors individually....and now!......

Yesterday she heard a rattling, thinking it was CD's in the side door she moved them . Rattle cont. She noticed it was only happening when she accelerated and the turbo kicked in. She was on the way to garage to get 2 new tyres luckily!

At the garage - they discover oil everywhere - mainly on right side - under bonnet. The mechanic fills it with oil less than litre. It could be the turbo worse case??? Or a pipe etc if she lucky?

She will take it to the garage next week anyway - what I want to know is what could it be - so I can call local auto parts centre and get a rough idea of costs for parts - we know how much the garage charges labour and know she won't be ripped off. But, I still want to make sure!

Maybe, you need more info? If anyone can give me something to go on - instead of ringing up the auto parts and just asking for the cost of a new 'turbo thingy for a whats it!' I would be v. appreciative! [cheers]

No mechanic mates around to ask where I am!!!


Z_interactive 05-23-2012 01:27 AM

this is primary US forum, so no 1.8TDDi engines around here, try UK forums, good luck

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