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andywit 11-11-2010 02:38 PM

2003 1.8 TDCi 115 electric/engine issue
For about the last week or so my Focus dashboard display has been either working well or not at all. I was not particularly bothered as I had experienced similar issues about a year ago and resolved it by removing the cluster and cleaning the PCB with Isopropyl alcohol.
Anyway on my way home I decided to fill up with fuel as the guage was indicating "empty" although I knew it had about a quarter tank left. 50 later it was full to the brim. I drove nearer home but after about 4 or 5 miles the engine started to run rough. If it was a petrol engine I would have described it as pinking or hunting. It would not idle but stall.
Next day I duly removed and cleaned the cluster; but it did not resolve either the electric cluster or engine issue. I took it to a local garage who said it was "limp" and needed to be computer analysed for fault identification, as the car was protecting itself from further damage.
I agreed to return a couple of hours later, not realising that it would become undrivable after covering less than one mile.
The garage recovered my car but say that although it has now been attached to three computer analysers they still do not have any firm ideas as to resolution.
Any ideas gratefully accepted. Mine include alternator, ignition, earthing, relay. Thanks for looking.

S0C0nFused 11-11-2010 03:17 PM

Discounting the fact that it is diesel (which I have no practical knowledge of). I think your on track with earthing (or ground as we call it). There are 2 primary ground (earthing) points. One tends to be under the hood, close to the battery and fuse box. This is ground for the starter, lights etc. Then there is another ground. On my 07 (American version), it is the passenger side pillar (behind the kickpanel plastic). This ground point is for you ECU, low current lamps (like you dash) etc. On the odd chance that it has corroded or otherwise gotten somewhat dodgy, it can lead to all sorts of interesting phenomena (like screwing with analyzers). That's the only help I can offer. Good luck!

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