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_Auricom_ 07-25-2012 06:21 PM

AZ Canyon runs, drag strips oh my!...
Like the title states, list any spots where fun runs can be had! [headbang]

Mt Limon - Tucson
Things to Note - If a 4000 mile acent/decent isnt enough excitement for ya, picture this: A rush of cold air rushing by you as you roll yer windowz down as you near the SKI RESORT close to the top! As you make your way through the abundant twisties enjoy a stop drink and pic taking on the way up. you will want to make sure you brakes are up to the task on your way down tho, no no need to let up on the brakes for throttling up my friend as there is simply not enough time nor distance to do so. Excitement in the desert indeed heh heh heh [thumb]

Tortilla Flats - East Phoenix
Things to Note - Havent been there ... yet! Close to the famed lost Gold Mines the Tortilla Flats have a few ghost towns once you have gotten past the ascent in the canyons. Plenty of sights to see and is the aspiring photogapher's prime estate to snap pics of the club memberz rides YO! [cheers]

FireBird Speedway - South Phoenix
Few tid bitz -If your looking to put yer hard work, money, sweat & tears to the test, look no further. Fire Bird Speedway has been home to a host of memorable moments, tuner's, dragster and the like.... why wont you come be part of it with your project? [shhh]

Good spots to put your modifications to work. I look forward to yer inputs.

FordNLNR 08-21-2012 06:52 AM

Drive up old Hwy 666, now Hwy 191, north of mining towns Clifton & Morenci to Alpine, AZ. Seemingly endless hours of twisties!

Klondike 08-22-2012 02:34 PM

i was planning to do a drive on the tortilla flats roads here soon, i went a few weeks ago for first time, in a truck with boat in tow tho so was slow going, be fun to explore some of those roads

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