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SkyPilot 10-27-2009 01:57 PM

Goodguys Southwest Nationals
A few of us went to this last year. The Goodguys Southwest Nationals is a car show at Westworld in Scottsdale, it shows classics and customs thru 72' This is a great show with some awesome looking cars. as well as the outragous customs that you see on tv.

It on November 20, 21, and 22nd. i was thinking of Saturday the 20th, Last year we met up at the 5 and dine at the pavillions, for some breakfast then went to the show.

Here are details about the show, lets get a list going of who wants to go!

ShamrockSVT 10-27-2009 09:49 PM

Was a great time last year. I'm in...I hope

Riverratrider 10-28-2009 12:04 AM

I'll definately try to be there. This year should be allot more pleasant :)

Colvinsteel 10-31-2009 11:58 PM

i will be there. i go every year with my dad. they usally have the bbq at SoCal speedshop in phoenix the friday before as well. RB's speed shop(glendale) has one too.

SkyPilot 11-13-2009 09:46 PM

Alright guys this is next weekend, lets make a decision on saturday or sunday, i was thinking if we go saturday, meet up at the 5 and dine at the pavilions for breakfast, then goto the show, and then maybe back to the pavilions at night?

Riverratrider 11-14-2009 03:04 PM

Sunday morning would work better for me. I'm up for meeting for breakfast, but not the pavillions.

ShamrockSVT 11-14-2009 04:21 PM

Either day should work for me.

SkyPilot 11-19-2009 03:06 PM

Its this weekend everyone. here is what i was thinking

8am Breakfast at 5 and Dine at the Pavilions
9:30-10 Car show Westworld till 5pm (show closes)
After go back to the Pavilions?

What does everyone think about this?

Riverratrider 11-19-2009 04:29 PM

can't Saturday. If you go to the pavillions on Saturday evening, I might be there. V's dad was going to enter his mustang, but isn't up to it physically, so he is going to do the mustang charity at the pavillions on Saturday. I have WAY too much to do on Saturday day to go, but hopefully will have enough work done by the evening to hang out. Call me Saturday and let me know what's going on

SkyPilot 11-19-2009 05:05 PM

will do Jared, been a long a$$ time since i saw ya. My dad decided to come out from NY for the show too

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