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Oni 10-19-2005 11:46 PM

Oklahoma Foci Event
Okay, there's not really a specific Focus event, but I'd like to see some other Foci owners posting on this forum, and I'd like to meet some people.

Check out this thread.

This was the SCCA autocross at OSU-OKC, and I'd like to see some other people out there representing the Focus. The last event on the schedule for this year done by the OK SCCA organization is October 30th. So come out and just check it out. Jason, Mike, and I would like to meet some of the other fellow Foci owners out there in our state. We met a new guy, Pat, on this site and saw his car out at the last event. We're hoping to get a little more formal greeting at the next event.

The event is all day (from about 9am-5pm), so just come whenever if you're not planning on running. I just thought I'd throw the word out. Hope to see some new faces by the season's end. I'll even give you a ride on one of my runs if you come visit. Just come up to me while I'm in rotation waiting to run.

For event info/registration:


Oni 10-19-2005 11:54 PM

Here's a little picture we took after the event.

Three Foci just isn't enough. I want a whole row of Foci to take a picture of and post on here.

mr.squatch 10-21-2005 11:42 PM

Thats like 1/2 mile from here :D I'll try to make it out, I'll see if we can bring the zx351 too.


Oni 10-22-2005 07:44 AM

Okay, have to repost this.

Man, I'm sure everyone there would just drop their jaw when they see a Focus doing rearwheel burnouts. How much time and work went into that conversion?

Hope to see you there still.

Oni 10-24-2005 08:34 PM

Is it just going to be you, Galen (not trying to be weird, but that's a cool name by the way)? I was trying to invite this kid who owns an 05+ ZX3 when I ran into him on the street, but all he wanted to do was race. He wouldn't even roll down his window to talk after I waved hi to him.

Anyway, I just was doing a sort of follow-up, but it looks like not many Oklahoma Foci owners are registered for this site or something. That or they don't have the interest for autocross.

d3bilhan 10-26-2005 08:47 PM

I will try to make it. I have attended before, but didn't meet many Focus Owners.

mr.squatch 10-26-2005 10:16 PM

Nah, I'll try to bring scotty too, if I get some time Ill get on the horn tomorrow and try to round up some of the ok-focus peeps. Am I mistaken or is the infamous ataru going to be in attendance? <shock and awe>


Oni 10-26-2005 11:41 PM

Yep, all three Foci in the above picture will be there, and they will be running in the event.

Hey Galen, do you know a guy named Lane who drives a black ZX3 with gunmetal wheels and it's lowered? I believe he lives or Mustang or used to. He's the one who referred me to the ok-focus website.

Ataru 10-27-2005 12:10 AM

Yes Galen, I will be there too. I was at the last event as well....amazing isn't it? [eek]

Oni 10-27-2005 06:19 PM

Awesome. I just got a PM from Matt (MVent), and he said he'll try to make it out if work doesn't conflict. Looks like it might be a good little turnout. Maybe Sean will take some pictures. Ha, only if I buy his graphics.

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