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snake eyes 10-10-2007 12:32 AM

austin car meet and cruise: nov 10-11th
posting for a friend

Alrighty boys and girls, its that time of year again for the Texas weather to finally start agreeing with us and cool off a bit and make for some fun driving days.

I was moving in April for the last one and missed out, so myself and Trent are heading up this one this time. We are going to take a little different approach to it this time and see if we might be able to solve some problems and little hiccups we've had in the past.

**First and foremost, the Austin cops have been cracking down on anything and everything HARD lately. I can not stress this enough and will do it until I am blue in the face. THIS IS A CRUISE. Several times in the past people have forgotten that, and problems have occured. Lets keep it relaxed and if you want to go off by yourself or with a few others and do something crazy, go for it. Just please don't do it around the rest of the group**

Ok now to the fun stuff. Again the dates are Saturday November 10th and Sunday the 11th. We will be meeting at the Fuddruckers at South Lamar and Ben White. The address is as follows:

4024 S Lamar Blvd
Austin TX 78704

This is a whole 3 miles away from the Y where we normally meet, but I wanted to start it here this year. This place has a HUGE parking lot, everyone pays for themselves in advance (no worry about split checks), and its in a fairly easy to get to location. We will meet there at 1130 and go in about noon to start eating.

From there we will head out Ben White to Southwest Parkway. Out Southwest Pkwy to 71, then 71 to Marble Falls. Once in Marble Falls, we'll come in 1431 through Lime Creek Rd. and then back on 620 to go back to the Y for the evening car show. From there everyone can go eat together or dispurse from there for evening entertainment.

Sunday morning 1130am again we will meet at the Y in Oak HIll and do the Devil's Backbone cruise through there. I will need Lance's help if he doesn't mind in getting that one together so we can hopefully make that cruise enjoyable as well. I've only done that route twice myself.

As always, please let me know if you have any questions, need directions, ideas for hotel/food, etc. I am happy to help anyone with making arrangements. I can especially help with places to stay.

Alright, who's in?

Oh and here's a little teaser from last years fall cruise. We will have video going again!

highlight video from last meet:



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