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02_SonicBluSVT 09-04-2007 08:06 PM

Second Annual Pig Trail G2G! Gauging Interest!
I am willing to put together another Pig Trail G2G like last year... since the Fall G2G (FJ) fell through. Awesome corners, easy on the cars, and absolutely beautiful scenery... especially during the fall.

If anyone is interested then post up, or PM me... and I'll get the ball rolling. Plan on having burgers and hot dogs again... it worked out great last year, and I'd love to do it again, I just need some commitments... I'd be planning on a mid-October event... like the 13th or 20th.

02_SonicBluSVT 09-25-2007 04:58 PM

I'll prolly get banned for this... but I have a lot of interest and people comitted to this on FocalJet...

Thanks everyone!

HondaEater8720 09-26-2007 09:03 AM

What exactly is a Pig Trail G2G, like what does that mean? Sorry i'm kind of a newb on this site lol.

whynotthinkwhynot 09-26-2007 04:38 PM

I don't think you can get banned for planning a G2G [neener]

Unless, it's for profit. It would be nice if you'd post a location though. NE Arkansas is a very pretty place, but the hotel prices are outrageous once you get outside of Ft. Smith because of Wal-Mart HQ. There is one place called the Hartland Hotel in Springfield that is clean and not very expensive. We could call and possibly get a discounted price for everyone who can't make the trip back in one day.

02_SonicBluSVT 09-27-2007 12:51 PM

Google it! [neener]

October 13 is a Arkansas Razorback home game, the Pig Trail from my understanding gets loaded up on those home game days... so on the 20th, the Hogs play at Ole Miss.

This is happening on... October 20, 2007 Mark your calendars!

For those that don't know about the Pig Trail... sorry I left that information out... it is rated as one of the top 5 road for "spirited" driving in the US. I like to think of it as the Mid-West's version of "Tail of the Dragon"... though the cops I am sure are less lenient... though I can't say I have ever seen a cop car on the Pig Trail. Here are a couple links...

Scouting the route last year....

Fireman Steve lent his expertise at getting the barbeque started... singed hair... :lol:

whynotthinkwhynot 10-01-2007 06:39 PM

I personally can't make it, work, work, work, work. If I had a normal job where I worked regularly, then maybe I could do it. Right now I just can't pass up the overtime- maybe next time[:D]

Zach16789 10-16-2007 09:43 AM

Got postponed if I remember right from FJ.

02_SonicBluSVT 10-16-2007 01:03 PM

yeah... not any interest here... so I left it be.

This is postponed until March or April.

freeclowns 11-12-2007 04:39 PM

ok i am up for it i mean i been looking for ppl to get a meet going. i am going to try to get ppl in conway to start to meet. i mean u cant make a turn with out seeing a foucs

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