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warneej 08-15-2008 08:00 PM

gumpcrew numbers
Here we can keep track of who is who and what numbers are available...

in order to be an official gumpcrewer you must attend one OFFICIAL gumpcrew (yes FF08 counts) meets as decided by us...and we have to like you [;)]

once you are official you may post your number in your siggy in our "gumpcrew #xx" format [:)]

(names are links to galleries [:D])

gumpcrew[b] #

warneej 01-10-2009 08:48 PM

1. focusin (jonny aka "the grandfather") '06 Sonic Blue ZX3 2.0L Duratec

My names Jonathan (most call me Jon, Jonny, I'll even answer to "hey you")

I first started off with a 00 LX SPI, mods were simple and it was slow but I called it my own.

Mods included
FC Race header
SCT Tuner
2.25" Magnaflow Exhaust
ScreamonDeamon Coil and wires
17" ADR Rims
Color matched Painted grills/washer sprayers
WW Spoiler
TYC Tails
Halo Projectors

The first gump meet was a SMALL meet that started with Danny and I on a friday night at the official Hampton hotel in montgomery we drank and talked. I now own a 06 Sonic blue ZX3 with mild mods, if you have any questions about me I'll be glad to answer them.

Mods Are
Steeda SRI
FC 65mm TB
FC Strutbar
FRPP Suspension
FS 2.25" Exhaust
Steeda STS
17" Darkargent EAP rims
SVT rear bumper
SVT spoiler
Color matched Mirrors

warneej 01-10-2009 08:50 PM

2. fokuzx3 (danny) R.I.P. '02 LG ZX3 Zetec, '95 300ZX
Had a cammed out Zetec but wrecked it

Then got an EAP SVT, but his Dad sold it after a week and never drove it out of the neighborhood

Now rocks a 300ZX

warneej 01-10-2009 08:51 PM

3. slocussvt (jeremy) '02 Sonic Blue ZX3 SVT, '00 Pitch Black ZX3 Zetec
What i drive: 2002 Sonic Blue SVT ZX3 and 2000 Pitch Black ZX3

When i first got it (well first one i have, need to scan the one from the day i got it)

Deer accident


-HIA short ram intake
-Screamin' Demon coil pack and Live Wires
-Magnaflow catback w/factory svt tip welded on
-180 degree thermostat

-Ford Racing STS
-Eibach Sportline springs

Wheels and tires:
-18x7 Centerline Excel wheels
-215/35R18 General Exclaim UHP's

-ST170 headlights
-ST170 grille
-98 R/S collection front bumper
-euro fenders with blinkers
-euro spec taillights
-euro zx3 rear bumper
-shorty antenna
-painted hatch strip
-debadged hatch


-Focus Central 65mm throttle body
-Y2k ported intake manifold
-ported and polished head
-FR2 cams
-cam gears
-180 degree thermostat
-Focus Central 4-1 header
-Focus Central 2.25" flex pipe
-Magnaflow cat back with resonator
-all 3 V/F motor mounts
-Ford Racing 8mm spark plug wires
-Spec stg3 clutch
-Spec lightweight flywheel

-Eibach Sportline springs
-KYB AGX adjustable shocks and struts
-Focus Central STS
-SVT brake kit
-Focus Central front strut tower bar

Wheels and Tires:
-SVT 5 spoke wheels painted custom grey color
-215/40R17 General Exclaim UHP's

-SVT headlights
-ST170 grille
-euro lower grille
-yellow fogs
-tinted side markers
-M3 style mirrors
-DIY shorty antenna
-debadged hatch

-radio bezel, a/c vents, gauge cluster, shifter knob, door handle and door handle/window switch trim painted same custom grey as SVT wheels
-dual gauge pod painted to match trim
-boost gauge
-a/f gauge

warneej 01-10-2009 08:52 PM

4. Dcl2049 (Dan) '02 Malibu Blue ZX3 Zetec

Car was bought used in Jan 05 and has since been turned into the world's slowest auto-x Focus, but I won't let it come in last place. [;)]
It's higher maintenance than Paris Hilton but I love it anyway.

Engine: Autozone intake, Focus Central throttle body, Borla 2.5" catback, Ford Racing plug wires

Transmission: Lentech Automatics valve body

Suspension: Koni Sport Kit (Yellows plus Koni springs)

Wheels and Tires: 17" BBS RZ wrapped in 215/40 Falken Azenis RT-615

Exterior: Wings West W-typ lip kit and Hella tails

warneej 01-10-2009 08:52 PM

5. gump1114 (Shelby, sold focus to slocussvt) '04 SRT-4
that black zx3 used to be mine... i sold it to slocussvt.

then i got this.

it now looks like this...

and is running with this...

my updated list, with explinations of abreviations in red.

180* thermastat
3 inch exhaust
3" downpipe
750cc injectors
aaronneon fuel return line
AGP BW S256 turbo kit (AGP is a brand. BW= Borg Warner, also a brand)
AGP dog bone motor mounts
AGP tranny mount
AGP Hard Pipes
Boomba Fuel rail
coolingmist w/m kit (Water/meth injection)
DCR top end oil modifier (DCR is a brand, Darrel Cox Racing)
DCR 5-layer headgasket
DCR windage tray w/ crank scraper
DCR billet oil pump
Diablosport Tuner
Crower Rods
ebay catchcan
Fidanza cam gears
Greddy Type-S BOV (BOV= Blow off valve)
homemade big oil filter kit
MSD 8.5mm wires
NDE Traction Control System (NDE is a brand)
N2MB EBC (N2MB is a brand, EBC= Electronic boost controller)
quickwhips fmic (FMIC= Front mount Intercooler)
Rage-tek custom Wiesco 7.2:1 pistons
walboro 255 fuel pump

AGP billet shift selector
PTP cryotreated clutch release fork (PTP is a brand)
mopar sts (sts= Short throw shifter)
ACT 6-puck clutch w/ lightweight Flywheel (ACT is a brand)

eibach sportline springs
energy suspension LCA bushings (LCA= Lower control arm)
welfare swaybars (one is from a pt-cruiser, the other is from an ACR srt4. both larger diameter than stock.)

AEM boost gauge (AEM is a brand)
AEM UEGO (UEGO= Universal exhaust gas oxygen, this is a wideband O2 sensor)
trunk lid carpet from a regular neon
blue led gauges
random 1000watt amp pushing 1 12'' kicker L7 is a custom sealed box.

8000k hid kit
blue turn signals
CF elw lip (CF= Carbon fiber, ELW= Extreme lightweight. modeled after the ELW srt4 that mopar made to race with)
CF Radiator Shroud
fog light mod
racing stripes

Wheels & tires:
Rota Torques- Bronze 17x8
General Exclaim UHP- 245/40 (UHP= Ultra high performance)

warneej 01-10-2009 08:54 PM

6. warneej (Evan) '04 Black/Blue ZX3 2.3L Duratec
Been on here off and on since freshman year of college in early 2005. I was lucky enough to go to Auburn University with both Dan (Dcl2049) and Danny (fokuzx3) who I then met through this site. I attended one of the early Gump Meets, where I met a whole bunch of people who have now become the original Gump Crew. They fueled my passion, and way too much money later, this is where I sit [:D]
This is the day I bought it brand new in April 2004, managed to get the 2.3L Duratec in the first gen ZX3 body since I bought it in NY, got it fully loaded (minus ATX, ABS, and leather- the 3 things I didn't want) for practically nothing due to insane rebates and the fact that the 05s were just coming out.


2.3L Duratec PZEV Engine (D23E)
Custom Borla Dual Exhaust
COSWORTH Intake Manifold
COSWORTH Full Race Header
Steeda SRI
Autolite 104 copper-core plugs
COSWORTH Balance Shaft Delete
Tom's NA Duratec Dyno-Tune- EGR Delete, EVAP Delete, Air Pump Delete (basically PZEV delete)
Optima 75-35 Red Top Battery
Upgraded Grounds

Steeda Tri-Ax STS

Ford Racing Focus Dynamic Dampers/Springs (1.5" F/R)
Massive Speed Systems front Duratec strut bar
FocusSport Rear Strut Bar
SVT rear sway-bar with polyurethane bushings/end-links

Custom Painted PPG Black with Frost Blue Metallic Pearl
Full Cervini's Kit w/ hood
RS wing
M3 style power mirrors
18" RPM 501 Rims
215/35/18 General Exclaim UHP tires
ST170 Grille
ST170 Headlights
8000k HIDs
Smoked Bumper lights
Smoked Tails
Smoked License Plate Cover
M3 style power mirrors
20% Tint all around
LED Underbody Kit

Totally integrated custom carputer (just ask) with fiberglassed-in 7" Xenarc VGA Touchscreen
MB Quart 900 watt 5-channel Amp
Alpine Type-R front speakers
Audiophile plate component rear speakers
12" MTX Thunderform Subwoofer
7" LCD in trunk

SVT Pedals
Blue Footwell Neons

warneej 01-10-2009 08:55 PM

7. Svtzx555/DtecGrl (Eric/Jess) '06 CD Silver ZX4 ST
Svtzx555 (Eric) 2003 SVT Focus zx5. Bought new in middle of 04.

Then came along the zx3 for gas mileage and so I could keep the miles off my baby. Sold the SVT in Feb of 06 I think...I was spending about $900 a month to drive it.

Mods to the SVT included, AEM cold air intake, FC short shifter, clutch pedal sensor mod, 2.5" MBRP catback exhaust, drilled/slotted front and rear rotors, red SVT emblems in front grill and rear hatch and FC 2 pc. underdrive pullies.

In December of 06 I bought a Focus ST used with only 7k miles. Mods include DIY short ram intake, Eibach Pro-kit springs, rear camber adustment kit, BS delete, Autometer oil pressure and volt gauges on the drivers pillar, Sylvania headlights, clear corner turn signals, painted front and rear calipers Ford Red and 225/45/17 BFG G-force sport KDW2s. Sadly this is the only pic of the car in its current state.

Jon was the first member I met and we hit it off pretty well. Then on to the first meet only a few months later in non other than Montgomery where me and Jess met the loves of our lives...Jeremy and Mary....Slocussvt and his gf. Met others along the way and haven't regretted a moment of it since. I'll update with better pics of the ST later.

warneej 01-10-2009 08:56 PM

8. gonefshn (Josh aka "old man") '05 ZX4 ST

Well here is the first Focus I ever owned that wife and I bought it back in Feb 05 when I returned from Iraq because we needed a second vehicle....

After she lost her job and just before I came on active duty we had to get rid of the Focus because we could not afford to new vehicles at the time, so we moved to Georgia where I got stationed after I came on active duty and after driving my truck 70 miles a day for a year we needed a more fuel friendly vehicle but I bought a used Accord for $1800 and put almost that into it for repairs, so in Apr 07 I bought this Focus instead...(and sold that POS Accord for $1800)

And this focus has slowly turned to this...

Cossie C.A.I.
F2 Header
MBRP Exhaust 2.25"
2.5" flex pipe
FC Front Strut Bar
H&R Sport Springs
Eibach 22mm Front and 25MM rear sway bars

Focal F10's
Toyo Proxes4 205/45/17
Tinted Windows
Steeda Billet Aluminum Antenna
Painted calipers
Under hood touchup
cowl and wipers painted to match
Nightshaded Coners and tails
Blackened Headlights and Grill Insert
FF Overlays

Sony Explode 10's
Interior paint
Steeda Shift Knob
Steeda Pedal Covers
Floor Pan Lighting

warneej 01-10-2009 08:56 PM

9. ShugarL0 (Danielle) '04 CD Silver ZX3 SVT
I needed a new car.. currently had a 99' Cavalier, the green machine that wouldnt die!

So I went to the dealer.. found this one calling my name. I was already familiar with the "SVT" family and knew it was the right choice! I didnt know how to drive a manual. My mom actually had to test drive it for me before we made the final decision. I practiced for 2 days, and drove it home the second... an hour away back to where I was living at the time.

This is the first day home:

And what it looks like now....

I have changed a few things on it.. nothing major at this point.

Steeda Intake
Smoke Side Markers
LED Halo Projectors..thanks Evan!
Euro Grille
Scoop..there when I got it.
215/45/17 General Exclaim UHP's
Tinted tails... yes that it TINT NOT nightshade
Custom Hatch Cover done by myself!
LED Dash Kit

and I think thats it?

Anyways... its been the joy of my life right now, it has brought out my true passion and led me to meet some of the greatest people imaginable. I am grateful that I fell into the focus world...

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