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Derek Zoolander 08-13-2008 03:02 PM

2008(+) Focus Crew: All the info you will ever need...
2008 Focus Information

Disclaimer: If you do not have a 2008+ Focus and have nothing positive or helpful to say in regards to the 2008+ Focus, please do us all a favor and don’t post in this thread. This is for 2008+ Focus owners to share information and discuss the unique aspects of the latest Focus model.
Lastly, If you have 2008+ Focus Information that I have not included, please send me a PM and I will add it in.

The 2008 Focus is OBDII

The 2008 Focus, like many other Foci is powered by the 2.0L Duratec engine. It comes in two forms, PZEV and non-PZEV. The main differences between the two are a few less horsepower on the PZEV (due to a more conservative PCM tune) and the different factory intake design on the PZEV. The PZEV Focus does not use the “Ram Air” setup that the non-PZEV uses.
Since the 2008 Focus shares the same basic engine as the previous years of Foci, many aftermarket parts for the earlier years will also work on the 2008+ Focus.

So I have a 08 Focus, Where do I start?
The most common starting block for most owners are basic bolt on modifications. The most common being an Intake and Exhaust.

Intake: (See this thread for more info on each
What Will fit:
The Steeda Short Ram Intake (SRI) and K&N typhoon are the only intakes that will fit an 08 Focus as of now.
Why wont others fit?
The MAF housing and mounting locations on the 2008 focus has changed. Since most aftermarket intakes utilize the stock housing, there will be problems matching the two up.

Currently, there is no TRUE CAI setup that will work with the new Focus

There is the option of also adding in a drop in filter from K&N. This is only an option for the NON-PZEV focus

Most other companies exhaust systems from pervious years will fit the 2008+ Focus. However some systems might require slight modification.

FocusSport is the only company as of now that makes a specific exhaust for the 08+ Focus.

However other companies exhausts have been known to also fit the 08+. TruBendz 2.3L/2.0L Duratec ZX3/ZX4/ZX5 exhaust has been successfully installed on an 08 Sedan, courtesy of BradWhite. His thread on the install can be found here However, since this exhaust is not designed for the 2008+ focus, some slight modifications were needed to make the fitment perfect. Ford Racing in partnership with Borla also made an exhaust system that will fit the 2008 Focus. However, these systems would also require slight modification and are currently discontinued and sold out. If one appears on ebay, it will fit.

Anyone else with anymore info regarding other brands of exhausts and the 2008 focus please PM me.

Every aftermarket header for the previous year Focus WILL fit the 2008. However, like with previous Foci, a tune will be required to eliminate the Check Engine Light (CEL or MIL) that will be thrown. This is due to the elimination of the third o2 sensor which serves no practical function and will not harm the car when it is disconnected.

Legality regarding aftermarket header applications vary state to state, so check with your local laws before installing (if you care)

Intake Manifold:
Like the header, the Intake manifold on the 2008 Focus is the same as the previous years of Foci. Only one company makes an intake manifold for the focus. That company is Cosworth. Their intake manifold will require custom dyno tuning in order to function properly. See Honhon’s thread here for more info, As I mentioned before, most of the other intakes listed here WILL NOT fit the 2008+ Focus.

Motor Mounts:
I just attempted a rear (dogbone) motor mount install today. The bolt size holding the mount in place has changed for the 08+. You will need to drill out the bushings yourself or get them from Mike at Hillbish and he will take care of it for you. His user name is b16sir1991 and hes one of the best guys on here!

Grounding/Drive-by-Wire/Big 3:
The new 2008 Focus relies on a “Drive-by-wire system.” This means that the throttle body is controlled electronically by sensors on the gas pedal and throttle body. This system replaces the traditional cable driven system.

However, one side effect of Drive-by-Wire is the sensors can be prone to electrical interference and disturbance. As a result the throttle response can be decreased and the idle can be a bit rough and uneven. Many members have done what is referred to as grounding the throttle body. This helps with some of that interference and members claim increased throttle response and idle smoothness (especially on the Automatic cars). More information on this mod can be found here

Members have also reported gains in both MPG and power from grounding other parts of the engine/electrical system. However, these gains have been heatedly debated. More info can be found here

Finally, a select group of members have done what is called the Big 3. The Big 3 combines grounding certain components with an additional + feed to the alternator. Once again legitimacy of this mod has been heatedly debated. Make your own decision on it here

Will be expanded as the days go by

MikeF2D 08-13-2008 03:06 PM

Yay For Dz!!!

warneej 08-13-2008 07:34 PM

nice job buddy, i'll try and help keep any of the flamers out of here...

08sesfocus 08-13-2008 09:01 PM

nice job derek.

08sesfocus 08-13-2008 09:05 PM

is the transmission and shifter assembly the same as the previous years?

honhon 08-13-2008 09:44 PM


Originally Posted by 08sesfocus (Post 2287318)
is the transmission and shifter assembly the same as the previous years?

if you take the center console out and snap some pictures we can take a look and compare it.

08sesfocus 08-14-2008 02:32 AM

i work tommorrow but ill try to get it apart this weekend.

djquik1 08-14-2008 02:45 PM

My fiance's car is the 08 focus and she has been complaining of no straight line performance since my car and my truck both have signifigantly more power than her car.I will be watching this thread closely and if any companie's need a guinea pig I will be happy to donate the car for a project.

djquik1 08-14-2008 03:27 PM

If I were to get a company to make a CAI for the 08 focus.....

Who would be interested?

Also is this vehicle CAN bus or OBD2

Derek Zoolander 08-14-2008 04:39 PM

The 08 Focus is OBDII... And I know there is some interest for an 08 true CAI... make a post in the main duratec performance about it...

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