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honhon 01-31-2009 12:50 PM

Winter Build Thread: 2.0/2.3L FrankenMotor version2.0

Well, lets start off by saying the first thread was highly successful!

And that all the commotion is behind us... so lets progress!

but first!


Motor Plans are as follows:

2.0 Liter duratec block, stock bore and stroke

2.3L cylinder head, unknown fate, and will be a secret P&P job

Clevite Main and Rod Bearings

ARP Head & Main studs

Supertech Superflo Valve

Supertech Pistons approx compression shooting for is 11.5:1 roughly

Rods are unknown as of yet, may go with the F2 rods, purely on price, and to give them a formal review.

Cosworth Water pump pulley, its larger, so it'll underdrive the water pump and stop cavatation at higher RPM's

Cosworth high volume oil pump

Block and head will be an alluminum color with gold painted bolts

Cams are set to be cosworth stage 2's but may stay with my crane stage 2's

Super tech dual Valve springs @ 85lbs

polished crank to let new bearings seat

2.5inch SS exhaust will be on by the time the new motor is put in, and the exhaust will be coated, so i can remove the rattling heatshield under the car.

Custom painted valve cover, im undecided at the moment, i may go with Spoon Sports yellow, as i have sold my liquid grey valve cover to focusboy.

Parts that I already have are as follows:

2.0Liter block
2.3L cylinder head
ARP mainstuds(installed)
clevite main bearings(installed

Random motor bolts are being painted off and on, depending on their condition.

there will be various installs and such that i'll show, such as the rear main seal, water pump and stuff like that, that im not including in my post, but i guarantee ill be posting as many pictures as possible!

The end result of this project is to have a very well rounded car, and i plan to show many different things along the way, including my ideas for an A/C delete and power steering delete, which the power steering delete i hope to help alot of people with to pick up a couple of extra ponies and make the steering nice and crisp.

some stuff wont be duratec specific, but a majority will be. I hope this thread will help many people in the future!

thats all i can think of at the moment... if i remember stuff i forgot, i'll update it...

and incase anyone is wondering... i purchase the motor from LKQ online, off of ebay for $90 shipping was alittle much, because of the weight, but the motor only cost $90 and ive pretty much made that back up by selling off the parts im not going to use or reuse, such as the pistons and rods and such.

anyways... onto the pictures!


here she sat after getting home from the christmas parade

box taken apart

ready to be torn down!

TB(which is forsale, PM me if you want it)

crappy oil filter, FL910 is the way to go!

block heater sinse its from canada, still have it forsale at the moment

cam lobe threw the oil fill

P/S timing cover engine mount still intact, the timing cover is also for sale

that concluded the first night, so i put the bag back on it and slid it out of the way so i could get tools home and start tearing it apart


TB removed

backside of the waterpump

valve cover removed

no sludge in the head

gooseneck removed

mmm salt

another shot of the gooseneck... theres a picture below of it painted

me working

pulling the gooseneck off

i like this picture

working again

control valve removed

IM removed


found a plug in the back that can maybe be used for an OIL temp gauge sender

birthday of the motor




honhon 01-31-2009 12:59 PM

After that, i removed the oil pan

as you can also see, i removed the cylinder head, didnt get any pictures of that, because the wife was holding the block still while i broke the T55 torx bolts loose


pushing the pistons out

three out

loosening bolts

another shot

all out

sold the pistons and rods to another member already

then i had to get a cheap o impact from harbor freight to do alittle muscle work for me

timing cover off

another shot

after that i needed to pay alittle attention to my current motor

also replaced the fender bolts with allens and finishing washers, they are stainless now, but im going to do chrome in the future

honhon 01-31-2009 01:09 PM

got a socket and removed the heater

then removed the cradle

15mm bolts

crank and bearings came out

then it was time for the oil pump, its going to be replaced by the cosworth high volume pump, if anyone wants this stock one, PM me

where it sat

shes so cute!

then the wife and i dropped the block off to get cleaned and honed

while it was at the machine shop, i decided to wire wheel the gooseneck and paint it

and also prepped and painted the valve cover which focusboy now owns:

after getting the block back, the wife and i decided it needed to be cleaner




2liter in the house!


honhon 01-31-2009 01:15 PM

heres the block after drying the alluminum color

close up on the back

closeup under the tube that connects to the top of the water pump housing

and before the paint fully cured, i ordered the first parts

inside were


and to celebrate, i joined the 2 together for the first time

and after paitning some bolts, i decided to put that plug in at the rear of the block to see the contrast between the block color and bolt color


also while working on the motor, i also work on toy! toyota's that is

had to change the belt

honhon 01-31-2009 01:47 PM

was alittle bored and wondered how i could ad some flavor to the motor...

ill get a new o-ring here shortly on it

and the contrast to the gooseneck

also i decided it was finally time to install my ARP wheel studs

rotor off

caliper bolts

comparing the size difference

one knocked out and one put back in

P/S done

heres how i pulled the new stud threw

driver side done

wheel back on



next was to install the studs and bearings and get the polished crank back in

cleaned the crank and got my supplies and parts ready

cleaned the cradle

bearings in

studs in and checking height

cradle lubed and crank in

torquing down

torqued down and then put away


honhon 01-31-2009 02:01 PM

heres some pictures from when we were wire brushing the bolts and painting them

the wife helping

rust fix and the color

and the contrast with the gooseneck

and also got new lugnuts in, they are red forgedalluminum, and are shorter than my black ones, so the tip of the ARP stud pokes out slightly, i like them alot

heres the cockpit to the rocket

i has cosworth

and some old school pics when i did my stage 2 crane's awhile back in my current motor

cam locking tool

and finally, heres the contrast between the first bolt put in the block and the colors

commence discussion! version 2.0 has started! i hope to do alittle updates this weekend.

Blackcatn2o 01-31-2009 02:07 PM

Chris is there really a difference between 2.0 an 2.3l pistions? could you mix them with each other block?

honhon 01-31-2009 02:19 PM

the bore is the same... but im not sure about the skirt height or anything. i would assume maybe the skirt height is maybe different because of the block height. but i could be wrong.

focusZX505 01-31-2009 02:21 PM

nice build man hope that not useing a 2.3 block pay's off

honhon 01-31-2009 02:24 PM

me too... with this setup, i should be able to get the same flow as the 2.3L but the added benefit of being able to out rev the 2.3 setup with the 2.0 bottom end.

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