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lildisco 07-21-2006 11:09 PM

I Gained 2/10th's
Well My buddy was up from Florida with his new 06 Subie WRX Impreza STi and he wanted to go up to the Drag Strip to see what it'd run. It was kinda Humid out and while the sun was out, we ran HORRIBLE times. His first run, he ran a 14.5 and i ran a brutal 17.3. As the night got cooler and the my R/T got better, mine and his runs improved [thumb]

The best time was a 16.363 @ 82.30 with a 60' of 2.400
My best 60' of the night was a 2.325. I guess my SVT Suspension, 17 inch SVT rims with Stock Coni's, and my 2000 intake manifold helped a bit from the last time. Last year i ran a Best of 16.5 at that same track at roughly the same temp.

The Subie, on the other hand, did much better than me (obviously)

He only got about 3.5 runs in. His best time was a 13.995 @ 96.68 with a 60' of 1.931. He says that he was only hitting 12lbs of boost and shoulda hit around 14lbs. I guess the reason behind that was it was sooo hot out and the car couldn't cool down enough to run FULL stock PSI. He says if he could run around the block he'd be back up to 14 PSI.

Now you may be wondering why i said 3.5 runs. Well, he participated in what they called a backwards race. The backwards race consisted of going down the track backwards as fast as possible (obviously). Well needless to say that the STi.................LOST TO AN AUTO FOCUS SPI!!!!!!! I'm not knocking the SPI, i'm just proud that a Econobox beat a faster car. The Focus ran a 24 second backwards 1/4 & the Subie ran a 26 second 1/4. The reason that the focus won was because of the rev limiter. He had the launch down because of the AWD but the Focus had the speed, in reverse [thumb] I think they said the focus was going 40+ in reverse and the subi was doing like 34ish.

All in all it was a great time, but MAN i hate going to a track that's super busy like that. We were there at 5 o'clock on the dot. Didn't get a run in untill 5:45pm. I had 4 more runs and didn't leave there till around 11. Not bad, but still sucks with the hurry up and wait stuff. Sadly i lost in the bracket races to a AUTO Acura who had a dial in time of 17.85 [:(] I coulda went for another round, but i guess it wasn't in the cards. Sadly i was the only focus doing the NORMAL 1/4 [V]

Scott_SVT 07-22-2006 01:43 AM

what track are you going to that lets you race in reverse?

dannybohhy 07-22-2006 01:47 AM

next time one of them pulls up wanting to street race, tell em to run you in reverse...

gump1114 07-22-2006 02:17 AM

there is no way in hell i would race backwards... i would wreck... no lie. i have trouble just backing into parking spots.

sleepyboy 07-22-2006 03:12 AM

raceing backwards ............? I would'nt do it. Has for your time I ran a 16.3 first run ever going to a track my best was a 15.8 w/ super hot air but I ran consitant 16.1 and 16.2's but my airfilter fell off and was blocking my MAF my best run was the run that I made sure it was on. I got real good at the track too I ran about 25 times I was the first one there and first one to run but it was on a sunday and there was'nt very many people there. But I made back to back runs I spun out so much that I shorten my front tires life by ....well lets just say alot. I'm happy with my time cause I know that my car is a full half second faster in a little bit cooler weather. My friends 05 mustang GT (no mods except K/N filter oh and its a stick( 5 speed) ) could'nt break into the 13's to save his life it was so hoT. Did you feel any difference before and after installiung the intake manifold? I'm looking to get one I'll almost sell my soul for one (j/k) but my wife (the devil) already has it lol

lildisco 07-22-2006 10:48 AM

I did notice that it pulled harder through the whole RPM range with the 2000 intake mani. It is also louder inside the cabin with the mani. Racing down the track backwards would be fun, but it kinda sucks bouncing of the rev limiter most of the way down the track backwards.

The track only let you go backwards after you signed like a waiver to do it. There was only 4 people that decided to do it. The track was in Norwalk, OH Clicky Clicky

Well i would tell an STi that i'd race them in reverse, but i'm not an Auto so i don't think the gear ratio's would be the same. But he'll always remember he got beat by a Focus, cuz i won't let it die!

sleepyboy 07-22-2006 09:40 PM

[thumb] really thinking about the about getting the 2000 intake manifold since I been to the track I just keep thinking about it. That and I have a cyl. head just waiting to be ported and polished and milled (to raise the compression a little).

03OrangeSVT 07-22-2006 10:00 PM

If you could knock off 4 more seconds you could run with me.......[ohcrap]

Just messing with ya... Good Job [thumb]

lildisco 07-22-2006 10:03 PM

LOL I was planning on getting blowned by Tom, but that just isn't possible anymore [:(]

sleepyboy 07-22-2006 10:13 PM

I feel like I'm so close to 14's it makes me want to start laughing uncontrollably mwahahahahahahahaha

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