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TwighlightBlueZx5 03-23-2006 12:06 PM

POLL : 1/4 mile times - SVTF
This is SVTf's ONLY

I just wanted to see an average of what people are running , i'm sure theres been a post like this before but i coldnt find it...
Please post :
1/4 mile ET @ MPH
List Mods :

TwighlightBlueZx5 03-23-2006 12:15 PM

14.8 @ 93

AEM CAI + K&N Filter
Magna flow Exhaust + ORP
Hypnotic Tune
Screamin' demon/Live wires
65mm TB

All i can think or right now....

jaykirs 03-23-2006 12:16 PM

I once ran a best ET 10.83 ....... but I was in my friends Grand national, does that count? LOL

I know I know, I haven't taken my SVTF to the track yet but i will soon and post times and speed.

svt2nv04 03-23-2006 08:13 PM

yeah but i didn't see any polls like this.

blck01zx3 03-23-2006 08:25 PM

15.6 @ 89


that was all at the time.... now I have MSD coil and wires with new plugs, and a tune by (wayne)

rockthezx3 03-23-2006 09:48 PM

15.5 @ 90mph

Borla exhaust
65mm throttle body
K&N short ram
Steeda short shifter

And an extremely slipping clutch
Going for a low 15 this year. Doing a clutch/flywheel and a Predator hopefully by the end of April. New tires now too, since my old ones were bald and sucked.

Darth Focus 03-23-2006 10:07 PM

15.401 with a #1 plug covered in oil...

..times should be better once I get that cured..

Scott_SVT 03-23-2006 10:22 PM

14.529 @ 96.15 mph

mods listed in sig.

I think the car will do better without any changes, just gotta keep practicing. That was my 2nd time out with the spray.

SVT_BMXer 03-24-2006 12:36 AM

no idea, prolly low 14's.

Switchblade550 03-24-2006 10:38 PM

15.5 at 89.98 -> K&N Drop in and hypnotic street tune.

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