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project2point 12-02-2005 11:58 AM

bmw 7 series s. the foci
so my freind has a bmw 1988 735i w/ the m30 motor it has a few mods such as chip, intake, sts, and some exhaust mod.

were sitting in lunch and decide to go see what would happen. we get out on county line road and stop ( never any traffic around 11) and i honk 3 times n we both take off i had him by a car through 1st and half way through 2nd then by half a car in third then by the end of third he had 1/4 of a car on me then i let up seeing is how i misplaced my licens and the speed limit was 35. i think i could of held my own a little more if i didnt put my stock rims/ and snow tires on and shifted higher than 5500.

the 735i in its stock form has 211 hp and with his mods im guessing 210 at the wheels.

it was pretty kool seeing him amazed about how the foci took on him through 3rd

MyBlackST 12-02-2005 02:38 PM

nice run

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