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Grandma 04-17-2005 05:44 PM

1/4 mile times with an 02 SVTF
went to the track today. Temp was around 20 degrees celcious running 94 octane
Mods: STS, Crank UDP, AEM CAI, Borla, Tom tune.

last year when I went up with just Short RAM and Borla with stock tires I ran a 15.9 and this time going back up i was able to run, still with stock tires a 15.3 at 90 mph spinning through first and a lil in second. My new tires are commin in this week G-Force, and an ORP pipe. So with all those 2 goodies on I should be closer to a 15.0 or 15.1 either way I was happy with my improvements and the overall performance of the car.

dgualtie 04-17-2005 05:54 PM

your knocking at the door of braking into the 14's keep us posted for when you get some new times

Goat Roper 04-17-2005 06:03 PM

Thats 68 degrees for anyone scrambling to convert it.

Tires make a big diff, just keep it hooked up! Have you tried leaning into it a bit off the line first before you go WOT?

Grandma 04-17-2005 06:46 PM

leaning in? I usually let the clutch out at 3g's or so. Trying to reduce tire spin. and my reaction time could def be improved. Ill keep posten next time i go

EURO04SVT 04-17-2005 06:57 PM

Cold tires and cold track make it tough to get traction though cold air is good for power once hooked. Forget your reaction time it means nothing for your ET. Just work on 60ft the lower the better and crisp shifts[thumb]

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