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focuzed1 01-16-2010 09:57 PM

well not upset but....
so i finally got the car out to the track.. first time i have even been on any kind of track with any kind of car.. we went down to the topspeed meet in greenvile nc then to the track afterwards... i was very please with my first time i got to run 3 runs before i realized i shouldnt run again.. my very first run ever.. 15psi horrible launch and shifts i ran a 13.88sec with a 2.43sec 60' at 112.6mph in the quater.. i accidently dumped the clutch and bogged it way down and then got major tire spin in second with a horrible shift.. second run i did the same damn thing but this time i could only get to about 8-10psi for some reason.. i ran 14.01sec with a 2.41sec 60' at 104mph... then i ran one last time after finding a broken vacuum line and ran a 13.86sec with a 2.34sec 60' at 106mph.. again only getting about 8psi.. even though i tried to use my high setting 25psi i couldnt all i could get was about 8-10psi due to a broken rear tranny mount bracket.. i must have snapped it on the first run or the second launch and it would cut the vacuum line behind my tb for my fuel pressure reg and made it so i couldnt run more than 10 psi... but for my first time at the track ever on street tires im not upset.. 13.86sec on a broken tranny mount and alot less boost than what its tuned for...[wiggle].. maybe next time i can hit the high button.. im shooting for 11s i really want to see if i can do it on street tires...[woot]
heres the video..

focusmaniaczx3 01-16-2010 11:16 PM

sorry buddy but 11s on street tires aint gonna happen. you gotta get either street radials or slicks if you're gonna keep any traction. in case this is your first rodeo fixing that damn tranny mount bracket i would like to offer my help if you need it. ive replaced several now. honestly more than anything i think im tired of trash talking and want to go for a ride lol

focuzed1 01-17-2010 07:36 AM

lol... not my first rodeo on working on the car.. ive pulled motor on my car about 8 times and trannny 4 times suspension about 12 times... u name it i pretty much know about it on my but hey i can dream right.. i want 11s.. or low 12s on street tires.. i dont see why it cant happen with in excess of 400whp.. my 60 ft times were not that horrible considering it was my first time and i didnt even get the chance to get the feel of the track down.. most times i hear are 2.2 maybe 2.0s on drag radials a few 1.whatevers.. on slicks.. but on my street tires and fully loaded car(even full stereo system.. and a broken tranny mount i ran a 2.34 on my 3rd run.. i think i could have gotten that down to a 2.1 if i had the chance to get the track down.. plus i ran a 13.86 with horrible shifts and 8psi of boost.. thats only like maybe 240whp.. if that.. my low setting is 307whp and my high setting is aprox 400whp.. the way that track was sticking i think i could have easily hit low 12s if i could have gotten the track down.. i guess well never know ill just have to fix it and make it

IslandFocus 01-17-2010 07:19 PM

What were your 1/8th times like? I think you need at least some drag radials man. No point in having tons of power without being able to put it down.

focuzed1 01-17-2010 08:21 PM

oh i agree.. i need some much better tires.. my 1/8th mile sucked it was like the first thing i want to do is find a way to kill wheel hop.. i dont want to break any more tranny mount brackets or axles and stuff.. then once i get those figured out.. then we go for stickier tires that what i have.. i was just trying to say im not to upset with my times on my very first time ever being on a track.. i know my car is capable of alot faster times.. i just have to master the launch and shifts.. i kept accidentally bogging down the motor for some reason.. even in second i bogged it all 3 times.. not sure why..

focusmaniaczx3 01-17-2010 09:21 PM

if you dont wanna break anymore tranny mount brackets ill talk to my neighbor about making another sold trannymount and bracket in one solid piece in stainless steel. problem with that is that it will put more stress on your transmission case and possibly eff that up instead. think about whether you would want to replace a $40 bracket or several hundred for a transmission case possibly. also lakewood traction bars completely eliminate wheel hop from what i understand.

focuzed1 01-17-2010 10:08 PM

yeah i am looking into traction bars.. one problem though.. the factory bars will not fit my car due to my down pipe.. so im looking into the ingals dampener as well as a custom traction bar setup and i would also like to get a tranny mount bracket that mounts to more than just a few bolts.. maybe something that i can get alot of contact so that the chance of breaking anything is almost zero..

focusmaniaczx3 01-18-2010 01:23 AM

well.... i might be able to get together with my neighbor and come up with something along those lines. just for the record: my neighbor is the master fabricator and im just the dreamer that pesters the crap out of him when i need a weird tool/fabricated part/advice/beer. anyway! that single bolt that the dogbone uses to mount to the frame should be sufficient as ive never ever heard of anyone busting THAT part but maybe we can find a way to reinforce where it mounts to the transmission case. ill take a good close look to see what might be able to be done the next time i get under my car.

i have alot of faith in my neighbor! he has a modified 305 chevy in a convertible MG midget with a supercharger that is (im guessing) at least 40% custom made. ive seen him go down the road in it 3 times in my life and watched him lift the front tires off the ground up to about 50mph (estimated) and then stop in the 100 feet between his mail box and garage. every time he has pulled it back into the garage and torn it apart because "it ain't running right". [paranoid]

and BTW you can modify your downpipe to work with traction bars. even if it robs a little power, whats the point of having all that if you cant put it on the ground?

edit: i just thought about what i said. the point of having all that power is having all that power. modify the traction bars to go around the downpipe [hihi]

focuzed1 01-18-2010 04:32 AM

i want to look into a custom traction bar setup to work around my down pipe... i really dont want to have to retune my damn car for something like that.. and i love the way it runs now... now i just have to find ways to run it hard and get the power down...

focusmaniaczx3 01-18-2010 06:57 AM

would you like me to look into fabricating a solid piece to replace the dogbone and bracket that bolts to the tranny case in more than 3 places? it might require drilling the case is the only problem. actually im having a brain storm, i might go old school, way old school. my old man used to use chains way back in the muscle car era to make then engine in his chevelle and camaro not rock so much. might be able to do something along those lines with the focus.... just an idea, it might look like trash but there might be something to it

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