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JRODSVT 10-16-2006 04:02 PM

Track day and 1/4 mile.
So I am a member of the Taurus Car Club and they recently had a road course day coupled with a Drag day.

Road course was gingerman raceway they have a website.
Strip was Lapeer International Raceway also having a website.

Both were located in Michigan.

Road course was great this was my fourth time on this track and 3rd driving my SVT. Although Bad weather made killed the event we were still able to run even with snow on the track. I even was asked if it was quaifed because of my ability to pull myself through the turns. Those guys knew a thing or two about quaifes being that almost every Manual V-6 SHO out there was quaifed. We cut it short and the track told us half off for our next event so we voted and it was a 19-1 vote for the credit of a spring time event. the only one to vote for staying was an AWD Infiniti.

I was happy with the quarter mile. We had a bunch of fun. Lapeer is one of the worst strips you may ever go to but at 25 bucks and 5 hours of almost non stop racing you can't beat it. I got close to 15 runs and I was far from up there every time. It was cold so that helped out.
Track conditions were Partly Cloudy high of 49. Baro 30' and rising. 20 mph head wind.

here is what my best run was.

reaction .692 (.500 = perfect)
60 ft. 2.354
1/8 10.092
1/8 mph 74.52
1/4 15.540
1/4 mph 90.28

So that was 2 tenths faster than what was my personal best. Don't forget about the 20 mph head wind.

I had a great time and a little more respect for the SVT.

y2kpedo 10-16-2006 04:43 PM

good numbers. i was running that with just an intake. 15.42 to be exact [headbang]

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