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blk00zx3 06-29-2011 12:05 AM

CFM Feedback lower engine mount
I wanted to start off by saying thanks, when I ordered this it was 3 in the morning and I needed the part in two days. The guys over at CFM made sure that they sent it out ASAP so I could get it as needed.

I'm sure people want to hear about it. The mount itself is noticeably bigger and is way better quality than oem. But i'm sure you guys want to hear about the vibrations with the street bushings. Surprisingly they are really not that bad, my car idles at around 750 rpm. The mirrors do shake but it looks worse than it feels. Shifting is way smoother. As far as power gains are concerned, I am only stating my opinion, I did not notice any real difference in power. However I did notice my engine revved smoother.

Overall I would say this is a great upgrade to any real driving enthusiast. It is money well spent; and it will make you more connected to your car.

Andrew 08-12-2011 08:35 PM

Thanks for the review.

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