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dardack 05-21-2013 11:03 AM

Wired FM Modulator
As I've decided the $90 is too much than I want to spend for the FRDW_Aux with Blaupunkt cable (see my post trying to see if any other way).

I decided $20 for a FM WIRED Modulator is worth the chance. It's a FMMOD02 Scosche. It comes with a switch.

AFAIK only 2 stations in the US use the 87.9 are in Cali and Wisconsin. Neither affects me. So if I leave this on (I never listen to AM) will it affect other FM stations? So can I just bypass the switch? If you look in previous thread I've posted my prep work on receiving this. I found a pin on the back of the radio that gives 12v when radio is powered, no other time, even if key is on it doesn't. So was going to wire it to that so it powers when the radio is on.

But if this interfere's with other FM stations, may not be an option.

Thanks for any information.

SkyPilot 05-21-2013 11:22 AM

Any FM modulator will have interference at times. thats why you have several station options to chose from. And I have yet to hear an FM Modulator that sounds decent..

Honestly you best option is to replace your stock HU with aftermarket. Even the cheap Dual headunits will sound better, look better, and offer you an aux port. If your going through all the trouble to wire up a FM modulator, drill holes and mount the thing. You could have gone aftermarket and got an all around cleaner better looking, and Much better sounding system.

You can buy a lightning audio HU on crutchfield for $59.99 and $15 for the install gear it has an aux jack and 2 usb ports all for $75! But buy a HU over $119.99 and the install gear is free! Check it out

dardack 05-21-2013 12:42 PM

If i'm going to spend $75 for lighting audio HU i'd just stick with my current HU and get the direct Aux over CDC for $90.

Wanted to do something cheap. I understand it's not the best sounding. I'm not an audiophile and reviews vary on how much hum there is.

There are only 2 channels it comes with 87.9 and 88.3, 88.3 is my local college's thing. But i'm pretty sure 87.9 is not allowed by use by the FCC except for thsoe 2 channels that are like grandfathered in, 1 in cali and 1 in wisconsin.

And my question isn't about interference on the channel it broadcasts over, but on other FM channels while it's turned on.

dardack 05-21-2013 03:56 PM

Oh and I'm not drilling holes. The blaupunkt has room under it. They put this spacer thing behind the front. So I have those E-Zpass mounting things. I'll just use them. No holes, no mess.

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