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KRYMZ_ZX3 05-17-2013 02:28 PM

Help with Amp/Sub purchase compatibility
I need a little help with Sub/Amp compatibility buying choices. I bought a Alpine mono block 500W amp & an Alpine SWR-12D212" Dual 2 ohm Type-R Car Subwoofer. Not only is the AMP not powerful enough for the Type-R the installation guy mentioned it having different OHMs & Voice coils?
So basically I want to keep the Type-R and buy a new compatible Amp but im a bit discouraged in making another wrong purchase. Can someone please help in suggesting a new amp that would work seamlessly with my Type R? Also, at what power level would I be okay running without having to upgrade the alternator? Is 1000 Watts a bit much for a ZX3? Would I be better off keeping the amp and replacing the sub? thanks for any replies in advance.

Alpine amp I have

Alpine Type-R

FocusOn20s 05-18-2013 10:53 PM

yeah. The only way to get that dual 2 ohm version to work with that amp would be to wire it to 4 ohms only giving it 300 RMS. If I were you, I'd get the dual 4 ohm version of the Type R if you want to use that amp, then wire it to two ohms.
and I'd say about 750 RMS is the max before you start having major light dimming and whatnot. Before buying an alternator, make sure you've done the Big 3 upgrade

Joeywhat 05-18-2013 11:39 PM

Get an amp that outputs about 750 watts RMS (remember, don't bother with max numbers) @ 4 ohms. That is the easiest solution. You can also find an amp that outputs the same watts @ 1 ohm, although such amps are a bit harder to come by.

Something like this would probably work well.

Jeffrosilver07 05-21-2013 08:26 PM

I would recommend the JL amp as well that way you can run the subwoofer at 4-ohms and the power will remain the same. Also 750watts of power on a type-r is fine. Now if your a little more budget conscious and would like to stick with Alpine I would recommend the MRX-M110. If you are running a ported box then the 600watts would be fine. You could also change the sub to a dual 4-ohm and run the amp at 2-ohms. That amp gives you roughly 1100 watts at 2-ohms.

On a side note if you are worried about your power supply in your car I would stick with the amp that you purchased because it is a very good amp. I would just change your subwoofer to a more efficient woofer. More power does not always mean louder. If you match the amp to a more efficient sub I think you'd be surprised. I would look into a JL audio w3 or even an Alpine type-S subwoofer. Good luck

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