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anabolina 04-28-2013 12:05 AM

Installed a New Head Unit with the Metra Dash Kit
I'm a lurker on this forum since I try not to 'say something' unless have something to say. Because I kept referring to this forum, Youtube, and other forums before and during the installation, I decided to post the steps I took to get this done so anyone doing this in the future can see what I did to get my new electronic toy installed. So far I love it(three hours later).

Now I am not good with knowing the specific names for car parts and this is my first car radio installation. It was a lot easier than I expected, but that’s probably related to the harness.

Just FYI if you're wondering about the AppRadio, it's awesome with ARliberator and Android since it mirrors your phone on your radio. This means I can do anything on my radio that I can do on my phone. So far I've only played with it and it works really well. Here's a video of someone else's version of it.

I wish I'd taken more pics of the install, but I didn't.


Ratchet Wrench-Imperial
Torx and Phillips Screw Driver
Double-Sided Tape
Nail File
Wire Stripper
Wiring caps?
Double-Sided Tape
Electrical tape
Trim Removal Tools Set
Magnet (to pick up screws when I dropped them)
Old plastic sour cream container to hold screws.


Metra 99-5816 (yes it does leave some space at the top below the air vents)
AppRadio 2(Pioneer SPH-DA100)-double din
PAC RadioPRO4 Radio Replacement Interface RP4-FD11 (for select Ford vehicles)
Parking Brake Override Bypass
Android MHL Converter Kit($50, but figured it was worth it)

My car made a crazy amount of sound when I was using the parking brake. It freaked me out a bit, so I’d suggest doing this on a level surface or accepting the sound

Don’t forget to keep screws safe so you don't drop them like i did.

Helpful Sites/Videos: Awesome, but stops after you first unclip the middle dash area.

My Steps:

1. The harness and radio wiring totally matched up, so I wired it together in the house and attached the break bypass and antenna adapter at that stage.

2. Convert metra kit to double din my cutting out the thin plastic going across the dins in the kit. I used a serrated knife. I then used a nail file the file down the excess to make it smooth.

3. Assemble android mhl connector set
4. Put car into L gear and raise the parking break as much as possible
5. Disconnect battery cable
6. (freak out about groaning brakes when I get in the car to disconnect stuff) Start pulling up the middle console (cupholders part) of the car beginning at the part nearest the rear seats. Don’t be afraid to bend it since it’s pretty bendy. It’s not really secured on it any way.
7. There are two recessed screws that I needed the ratchet to remove. It’s the screws right beside the cigarette lighters.
8. Now look up and to the left above the speedometer. There are two more screws that need to be ratcheted off.
9. Start peeling out the airbag panel a little bit. It shouldn’t come off completely since it’s held on, but it can come out a little bit.
10. Remove the air conditioner outs above the radio
11. If you look inside at the area below where you took the air conditioner vents out, there are two screws that you should remove
12. Now you can start pulling out the panel the radio’s hooked up to. Start from the bottom.
13. Unscrew the radio and disconnect everything from the back of it. The antenna cable was REALLY hard to remove, I had to really yank it out.

14. Disconnect the remaining connectors from everything connecting to the panel.
15. Unscrew everything from the center dash panel

16. Start pushing everything out of the panel(air con controls, etc)
17. Take the old panel piece out of the card
18. Clip these controls into the new Metra dash kit.
19. Run GPS and Bluetooth from wherever you think best. My gps in on my front dash and the Bluetooth is above the rearview mirror. I ran the cables through the headliner and down the A-pillar. Unfortunately, I may have broken a clip in the A-pillar since the top doesn’t sit flush enough.  I ran the cable back and over the steering wheel and through the small hole on the lower right side of it.
20. Run Mhl stuff wherever you want to connect your phone. I went for the drivers side legroom.
21. Connect mhl hdmi connector to radio
22. Connect connectors to accessories attached to the dash kit(ex: air con controls) and screw them back in
23. Reattach battery cables to test radio. Don’t forget to test everything.
24. Use plastic sides (black in the kit) to attach to the metra kit. I pushed it in to attach it.

25. Connect Bluetooth and GPS attachments to radio
26. Connect the rest of the connectors from the harness to the radio
27. Push the radio through the double din area in the kit
28. Secure the radio with screws from the radio kit which go through the black sides from the metra kit. Also clip the recktangle peice from the kit that goes through the front of the dash it. The thicker side should be on bottom.
29. Attach clips to metra kit(really annoying and hard and I installed them backward since the instruction image is really hard to understand. I only knew it was wrong since it didn’t really attach.
30. Push radio/metra kit back into the dash aligning the clips to the holes in the dash to it should clip right in.
31. Push air back trim piece on right side back down.
32. Ratchet screws in the dash above the steering wheel back in
33. Push air conditioner vents back in

34. Ratchet screws under metra kit back in.
35. Reattach middle console area back. It took a lot of bending to get this right, grrrr.
36. Freak out since have no idea how to fix the A pillar trim which sticks out a bit.

Radio Specific Info:

Getting the radio to work right took some patience. I tried to rush it and it didn’t work

37. Install Appradio app
38. Setup appradio to wrok with the app
39. Download ArLiberator
40. Start ARliberator and connect to radio
41. Tap on the android icon
42. wait unti your phone says server on. Otherwise I find it doesn’t let me use the radio to control my phone.
43. Wait for ARliberator to connect and bring up the calibration dots
44. Now it works. I kept trying to use it before the server was on and it didn’t work.

Snyper 04-28-2013 10:18 AM

Definitely nice to see this broken down in pics as you did.
The middle console will always need to be bent pretty heavily to get it back into place - Parking brake up as FAR as possible and putting the car in Low Gear helps a bit.

Nickgt40 04-28-2013 10:58 AM

Man, that space between the new bezel and the dash is a deal killer for me. I guess it's stock radio until I find a worthy replacement.

Is your car equipped with SYNC?

anabolina 04-28-2013 12:05 PM

Yes i have sync but after thinking about it a lot, i decided that having 2 bluetooth systems in my car would be confusing so i bought to pac radio harness that retains steering wheel controls but not sync. Besides the only thing i use with sync is the phone options and so far my radio is doing a good job with it.

Sent from my HTC One S using FF Mobile

badazz2010focus 04-28-2013 01:12 PM

I can mirror anything with the avh3300 bt I don't need no stinkin app radio LMAO 4s baby :OD whoops sorry this post disappeared then reappeared when I posted below sorry guys :O/

badazz2010focus 04-28-2013 01:15 PM

I can mirror anything on mine avh3300 radio? we don't need no stinking app radio LOL, 4s baby ftw only problem is the older pioneers don't really favor the android platform to much :( also I just bypassed mine with a relay, the app radio have a gyro?

badazz2010focus 04-28-2013 01:17 PM

and hey ana where did you mount the mic?

anabolina 04-28-2013 02:13 PM

Ill admit that the $279 price clinched my shopping for me although the 3300 looks like a good hu too.

After some experimentation, basically calling people and moving the mic in the call i ended up with putting it as close to the sync one as possible which is right above the rearview mirror with the wires going through the headlined. Thankfully my brother used some brute force on the a pillar trim just now and its back to normal.

Its about the gap though if i focus on it, it'll drive me crazy. I suppose there's another brand with a kit to try, my current one is missing a couple of clips since they flew away while i was trying to install. Its surprisingly secure anyway.

Sent from my HTC One S using FF Mobile

badazz2010focus 04-28-2013 03:53 PM

the 3300 is ollllllllld though it's still alive and kicking, I know what you mean about the clips LOL, I can mirror movies live news gps you name it I can do it some people don't know that the 3300 has an app mode :). My car didn't come with sync I put the mic down centered it on the cluster.

popwarhomie 04-28-2013 11:09 PM

My first metra kit had that gap. The one I just bought has no gap at all.

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