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ralck 02-24-2013 10:39 PM

Need advice on upgrade plan
Hey all,

So I have a 2013 SE hatch with the 6 speaker system and I'm starting to think about upgrading the audio. I want to keep the factory head unit because I want to keep Sync. I don't want to go too crazy- mostly just some cleaner sound. I don't need extra volume or anything like that, and I certainly don't want to have bass that shakes the car apart! [histerical]

I'm very new to the car audio world, but I have some experience in home theater, so I'm not a total n00b. [chairfall] I did read through some of the stickies in this section of the forum, but some of it seemed geared more towards mk1 and 2 focuses, so I may have missed some of the info I needed (sorry if I am repeating questions in the stickies!).

So here is my plan and the equipment I think I need to get the job done...

First, I want a subwoofer, but I think I want to focus my initial efforts on upgrading the rest of the system, and then get a sub a bit later when I replenish my funds. What I'm thinking is, get a LOC like the LC6i (several other mk3 installs have used this and rated it highly). I've read that a LOC is highly recommended when using the factory HU. Then I'll get a 5 channel amp and upgraded speakers- 4 woofers and 2 tweeters- to replace all stock speakers. I think I will need crossovers for the two tweeters because they are in parallel with the front woofers?

I think that is all I need to get the base 6 speakers setup? Am I missing anything?
Do I really need a 6 channel LOC? I think the factory HU is only a 4 channel?
Do most multi-channel car subs roll off the base to the non-sub channels? I would hate to drive around for a few months with absolutely no bass, so do I just wait and buy the sub at the same time?
Also, I can read specs all I want, but are there good car audio review sites to read up on how different LOCs/amps/speakers perform? There's a local car audio shop I'm going to check out to listen to some systems, but I'm afraid they will have very limited demos.
Anything else to consider when deciding on speakers/subs/amps/etc (SNR, etc)?

I hope these questions aren't too dumb and thanks for getting me on track!

dpando1 04-02-2013 03:43 AM

hopefully this is not to late but how you are gonna build on your system over time is exactly how I am doing it sept for one thing....I am personally going to add the sub woofer first which imo would yield the greatest results initially.

The bass roll off you are talking about occurs only at higher volumes and honestly I believe when you set the input sensitivity and gain you won't even need to turn up your volume that high to start experiencing that roll off.

Getting a processor that takes speaker level inputs and changing them to RCA's would be the best option but also more expensive but the improved sound quality is TOTALLY worth it.

How is everything going so far?? I also like you went to audio shops literally all over town and got some sweet advice(sometimes conflicting lol) I went to see the products I was gonna buy then went on ebay or amazon and would easily see 50% of their prices.

hope this helps and it wasn't too late

badabing88 04-10-2013 09:07 PM

i think the main concern is running though a non amplified LOC wont supply enough input voltage. you'll have to crank your gains on the amps just to get the right sound level, causing the amps to clip and distort. adding a soundprocessor/line driver will a) clean your signal and "fix" any factory eq or roll off to send a flat as possible signal.. and b) correct input voltaqe to your amplifer. not to mention a signal sensing 12v remote turn on for your amp(s)
running a everyday LOC will cause nothing but annoyance.

trust me, I did it everything sounded like crap new pioneer components in the doors 4 ch amp and monoblock amp for 2 12s, the mids were tinny, the subs seems like they were missing half the freqency response. sounded worse than stock and just loud muddy bass. processor was like night and day.

ralck 04-10-2013 10:03 PM

Hey guys, thanks for the responses!

I actually haven't done a damn thing yet besides research. It's my version of the old adage "measure twice... cut once." [rofl] Plus I keep changing my mind on exactly what I want to do.

What sounds processors have you guys gone with? What is the big advantage of a sound processor over a high quality LOC like the LC6i? Some quick initial searching shows some processors need a LOC in front of them still, do the "good" ones accept speaker-level inputs?

badabing88 04-11-2013 05:42 AM

Lc6i or lcq1 both by audiocontrol from what I can tell they both are the same unit with the lcq1 adding an eq for each channel. Also, I don't think you'll find a beter value for tour money compared to the jl cleansweep. And jbl ms8. They are up there. I'd go with the lc7i it has the accubass audio signal reshaping for your low end. They run about 130 dollars.

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