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crice8 02-13-2013 11:58 AM

Which subs to go with
Opinions from anyone with experience on which subs to go with:
setup- 2.8 cuft box slot ported and tuned at 34hz
sub choices:2 SA10's or 2 10 AudioTechnix Stratos?
Sql but still some Sq

I just had a custom box built for my two Re Se-x 10" subs, They get down pretty good for their rating. Here is the specs on the box and I want to get two tens that will perform well in this box but with more wattage.
The box is 2.8cuft slot ported and tuned at 34hz. I was looking at getting the 10"stratos but I fear they will not hit much harder than my current subs. Also forgot to mention i'm currently running the 1000.1 onyx mbquart amp and it does well but I will be getting the new Audio Technix 1200.1 as soon as they are available next month(=

Any sub suggestions would be great. I want it to really get down for some tens. I listen to a bit of everything but mainly Dubstep and music with sick bass drops. From what I understand the 1200.1 with my electrical will be putting out closer to 1600-1800rms. Im looking for a pair of tens that will do good in this box as this box fits my needs great, and the subs need to fit the wattage and airspace of this box with the AudioTEchnix 1200.

Thanks for your time guys!

popwarhomie 02-13-2013 12:31 PM

Id do the Sundowns since you have 1500 rms to play with.

Im about to do a new setup and im considering 4 AT Strato 10"s at this moment. Nice little cheap subs.

02Zetechse 02-13-2013 08:20 PM

you could run the strato's but it would be pushing their limits, plus you wont be seeing a true 1 ohm load with box rise on either set of subs ... sundowns would be good for 750 rms each daily , Strato's 5-600 rms with oscope set gains... Honestly, either would work in your situation, its all about the budget in this case , I personally havent got to mess with the strato's yet

Njk570 02-13-2013 10:56 PM

Them sundowns will laugh at the power, very very under rated subs. Great buy.

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