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Johnny Rotten 01-13-2013 12:14 PM

2012 suitable power wire for Sony XDP-MU110
I recently purchased the Sony XDP-MU110 from Crutchfield . This unit has a small 4 channel amp and digital signal processor . Would just like to improve sound quality with the non Sony 6 speaker system . I have veiwed many posts here as to the location of speaker wire tap in locations (passenger side console wiring harness) but would like to power the unit from another source other than the battery . Their are a red (acc) and a yellow (battery) wire that need to be connected . From what I've read the red wire should be ok with the power antennae harness wire . The slightly larger gauge yellow wire is my question . Where can I locate power for this connection ? The amp is only rated at 17 watts x4 rms 45x4 max and would be mounted under the passenger seat . Simply put I do not want to run through the fire wall to battery for such a small unit. Does anyone have suggestions or know of an adequate tap in source near this wiring harness ? Enjoy all the detailed info here it really helps .[scratch]Thanx.

mrpeaches 01-13-2013 09:25 PM

I would be concerned about doing that from a safety perspective. Even though it's only pulling 15 amps at max (((45Wx4)/12V)=15A) that's still a fair amount of extra load to put on the factory wiring in addition to whatever load would already be present on whatever line you were considering splicing into.

If you're dead set on not doing the safe thing and running a new, fused power line from the battery through the firewall, then pretty much your only option would be to look in the passenger foot well for the fuse box and tap into a fuse rated for higher than 15A. I can't remember if there are any there or not. If you go this route, use an add-a-fuse and don't just wrap the wire around a prong and shove it in.

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