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cj773 12-28-2012 06:01 PM

Remote Start Install in 2008 SE - A few questions
Hey I'm Chris it's my first time posting here and would appreciate it if any of you can spare a few minutes to answer some of my questions regarding a remote starter installation on a 2008 SE.

I'm going to be installing an Avital (4103) one way remote start with a D2D compatible bypass (XpressKit PKALL).

First off, I understand that in DC circuits polarity does matter. In the installation manual it has for example:

Primary Harness (H1)
H1/1 Light Green/Black (-) Factory Alarm Disarm

It seems like I only need to reverse the polarity with a relay if I want to use the door locks/trunk which I do not care about. I simply want the remote start button to work on the remote. I do have a color chart from another website:

Wire/Function Colour Location/Description Polarity
12 VOLTS Blue/red Ignition switch harness +
IGNITION Brown/yellow Ignition switch harness +
ACCESSORY Violet/green Ignition switch harness +
STARTER Blue/white Ignition switch harness +
KEY SENSE Blue/gray Ignition switch harness +
TACH SIGNAL Yellow/orange At PCM near battery AC
LOCK Yellow/gray In harness in driver kick panel -
May also be Light Blue/Light Green (-) in driver's kick panel.
UNLOCK Violet/brown In harness in driver kick panel -
May also be Yellow/Violet (-) in driver's kick panel.
DISARM Violet/brown In harness in driver kick panel -
DRIVER LOCK MOTOR Blue/green In harness in driver kick panel REV POL
DRIVER UNLOCK MOTOR Gray/brown In harness in driver kick panel REV POL
DOMELIGHT / ALL DOORS Gray/violet In harness in driver kick panel +
HOODPIN Blue/orange At smart junction box under driver dash -
TRUNK PIN Yellow/green In harness in driver kick panel -
TRUNK RELEASE Light Blue Driver's kick panel +
Can use OEM remote to test.
BRAKE SWITCH Violet/white At switch above brake pedal +
PARKING LIGHTS Violet/white At harness in driver's kick panel +
HORN Blue/white Steering column harness -

The polarity is noted for each wire. There are five harnesses, Primary (H1), 4-pin Satellite (Do I even need this hooked up?), Heavy Gauge Relay, Door Lock Harness (3-pin), Remote Start Harness (H2).

This is how I would hook it up as of now, can anyone go through this and let me know what I do not even use. As of now I am more so confused by the Input/Output

Primary Harness (H1) Wiring Diagram:
H1/1 Light Green/Black ( - Factory Alarm Disarm) I would connect to Violet/Brown in the kick panel
H1/2 Green/White (- Factory Rearm) I dont see a rearm wire in the chart, the car does not have a factory alarm. The remote simply locks the door and beeps the horn. Should I even use H1/1-3?
H1/3 Yellow (+ Ignition Out [To alarm]) ??
H1/4 White/Blue (- Activation Input) ???
H1/5 Orange (- Ground when locked) ???
H1/6 Brown (- Horn Output) Blue/White in Steering Column Harness
H1/7 Red/White (- Trunk Release Output) Do not need this, leave not connected to anything?
H1/8 Black (Ground) To a ground on the car, bolt on metal frame
H1/9 White (+/- Light flash) ??? Is this so the running lights come on when the car is running??

4-Pin Satellite Harness Diagram: What do I use this for?
1 Blue (- Status Output) ??
2 Orange (- Accessory Output) Violet/Green Ignition Switch Harness but has + Polarity???
3 Purple (- Starter Output) Blue/White ignition switch harness but has + polarity??
4 Pink (- Ignition Output) Brown/Yellow ignition switch harness but has + polarity??

Heavy Gauge Relay Wiring Diagram:

1 Pink (+ Output to ignition circuit) Brown/Yellow in ignition harness
2 Purple (+ Output to starter circuit) Blue/White in Ignition Harness
3 Orange (+ Output to accessory circuit) Violet/Green Ignition Harness
4 Red (+ 30A high current 12 input) Blue/Red Ignition Switch - Hook up the same as 6??
5 Pink/White (+ Programmable Output for accessory or igntion) ???
6 Red (+ 30A High Current 12V Input) Blue/Red Ignition Switch

Door Lock harness: I do not care if the door locks work or not on the remote, So I just do not use this harness?
1 Blue (- Unlock output)
2 Not used
3 Green (- Lock output)

Remote Start Harness H2 Wiring Diagram:
H2/1 Black/White (- Neutral Safety Switch Input) Would I ground both of these wires to bypass?
H2/2 Violet/White (Tachometer Input Wire) Yellow/Orange at PCM Near battery --- I read somewhere that with the bypass I do not need to use a tach wire because it checks the voltage 1000x a second or something??
H2/3 brown (+ Brake Switch Shutdown Wire) Violet/White at brake switch
H2/4 Gray (- Hood Pinswitch Shutdown Wire) I do not want to use, do I ground this wire?
H2/5 Blue/White (- 200mA 2nd Status/Rear Defogger Output) Dont need rear defogger, do not hook up?

On the bypass there are only two harnesses as listed on the first page of the manual:

D2D (4pin) I assume this is hooked up to the D2D port on the remote start, but how exactly does this save any time, what does it do?

Purple/White -> Data 1
Yellow/Black -> Data 2
Blue/White -> (- While Running Status) It looks like it points to the remote?? What is this?
Green -> Key Sense
Pink -> Ignition
Black -> Ground

For this harness under the connection instructions for the Ford Focus it has a picture of the ignition barrel with a back view of a 4pin connector
[4 3 2 1]
Pin #1 Ignition +12v (N.C.)
Pin #2 Ground (N.C.)
Pin #3 TX (Data)
Pin #4 RX (Data)

Is this what is installed on the ignition switch and what I splice into?

It now shows the harness as:

Purple/White -> Rx (Data In) Hook up to RX wire going to Pin #4
Yellow/Black -> Tx (Data Out) Hook up to TX wire going to Pin #3
Blue/White -> (- While running [status]) Looks like it goes to the remote???
Green -> .......N.c. NC = No connection? Dont Hook this up?
Pink -> Ignition Hook up to Ignition wire connected to Pin #1?
Black -> .......N.c. Don't hook up?

Any ideas on the simplest way to install this with only the remote start function? I seem to be most confused by the Input/Outputs, how to bypass what I do not need to work. I understand not to hook up any harnesses (D2D and Main) to the Bypass until you have the remote start installed and are holding the program key on the bypass as per instructions. Any help would be appreciated so much [loveff]

whynotthinkwhynot 12-29-2012 10:07 AM

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