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David J. 11-03-2012 03:41 PM

USB Pen drive with 2012 Focus SE?
I LOVE my 2012 Focus... amazing car that is just great. Only one issue, the USB. Do I need a new pen drive (no biggie) or what is it? Moreover, I have two issues:

My first issue: I see no way of navigating folders - would be awesome but can I do this? I was able to do so in my previous car, a '09 Hyundai Elantra Touring, because I would love to have my songs kept in folders so I can easily go thru folders instead of root directory with a ton of songs. Am I missing something?

The second issue: the car seems to forget the last song I was playing and/or how far I was in the track. Now, the car could be shut off overnight, or even for a few minutes while I go to the store and it may or may not remember the song - the radio itself could be on or off, but if the radio is on, it will remember the song a little bit better but not always. In addition, there have been times where it will show the track name of the last song playing for a second or two when I turn the car on (radio may be on or off) but then it will go back to the first song. Huh?

Please help! I really love this car but the audio problem is really annoying! Thank you all for your help!

majorChibi 11-04-2012 09:48 AM

Any USB should work. I think it uses FAT32. So you need to format it in FAT32.

1st issue: I'm guessing you have the MyFord system (no touch). Hit the menu button -> goto source menu to set the source to usb if you haven't already > then go back and go to the Play menu > I think if you scroll down you have the option of navigating by artist, album, genre, and folder. Also there is no way to go back up a level after you've selected a song(that I know of). If there is, please let me know. It would make this more bearable. At least the sync system recognized most of the artist/albums I ask for.
Also, the way mine is set up is through Directories too. (/root/<artist>/<album>/song)
No problems with this for me and it recognizes artists and albums just fine.

2nd issue: No idea. This hasn't happened to me yet. It could be something with the USB synchronizing. Try a different thumb drive. Do you take the thumb drive out or leave it in?

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