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PreciousAngelJS25 08-05-2004 12:36 PM

Pioneer DEH-P8500MP
I started talking to this guy that lives about 45 mins away from me and he offered to sell a Pioneer DEH-P8500MP (7 months old) for $250. He also said that he would install it for free as long as I bought the installation kit. It sounds like a good deal to me, but I also dont have a clue to what I'm talking about. I honestly didnt like the way it looked at first, but I read about it and it grew on me. Neways, does anyone know where I could get an installation kit for this???

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Gage 08-05-2004 01:08 PM

Anyplace that has an installation bay will most likely have kits. Probably a good idea to call ahead first.

FocusInCali 08-05-2004 01:36 PM

Check this in the FAQ:

Once you know the name and model numbers for the install kit, call around for it locally. Or order online and wait a few days.

whookam 08-05-2004 05:58 PM

Well, as far as the radio goes - Pioneer is a good brand. If the unit is in good working order, you should be alright with it. It *is* a model from last year though, so there likely won't be any warranty on it anymore. The 8500 model is basically what is now the 8600 model, but with the dual-face plate of the 9600 model.
From what I've read the sound quality did improve a lot on the current model year, but then again, the current model of that specific radio (which would be the 8600), will cost you at least $320 (that's the cheapers I've found it for online) plus shipping. So it's definitely cheaper.

As far as the install kits go, lots of places carry them... I got my bezel at the local cartoys for about $15, and the wiring harness for about the same ($15-ish) at Circuit City.

whookam 08-05-2004 05:59 PM


Originally posted by FocusInCali
Check this in the FAQ:

Once you know the name and model numbers for the install kit, call around for it locally. Or order online and wait a few days.

I have the Metra bezel, and must say I really like it. It looks very clean and fits well.

crazy_urn 08-05-2004 06:12 PM

i have an older pioneer HU and i love it. if the price is right, go for it, as long as it works.

As for install parts, check out i bought my install kit, wiring harness, and Antenna adapter from them all for cheaper then i could get it locally or online. if i remember right it was like $30 shipped, but that was a year ago.

sa_pyro_ne 08-05-2004 06:48 PM

first, even though i like pioneer a lot, i think there are better deals for that kind of money. my main reason is this... the 8500 is very different from the new 8600. the 8600 has auto eq'ing and auto time alignment features which were actually the only reason i even bought one of these. they are really good features but the 8500 only has a normal 3 band parametric eq and no time alignment features. in fact, the 8500 is almost exactly the same as the 8400. they shouldn't have even bothered putting out the 8500.

some options could be spending a little more and going for the p8600mp, which you could probably get price matched by sounddomain for about $340 shipped or less, which includes the things you need to install the unit. you could do that or you could get the 7600 for about $220 shipped with the things you need. this unit has basically all the features of the 8500 but no motorized flip down faceplate.

also, the guy said he'd install it but only said to get the installation kit. but i doubt he has the antenna adapter or wiring harness. he may not have known it needs an antenna adapter and he may have just planned to cut off the stock harness which you DO NOT want to do. so if you want to go through with getting the 8500, i'd go buy everything online from the same place so you get good deals when you figure in shipping. you could even have sounddomain price match stuff and save a few bucks. if you want to get it locally, walmart should have the harness (that is, if you aren't upgrading from the mp3 unit) for about $7. and the antenna adapter can be had for about $8 since best buy and circuit city are your best bets for carrying it (check the link from FocusInCali above for the details on that). last, the installation kit will probably cost $15 from best buy or circuit city. if you can go to a metra or scosche dealer, they'll probably have everything you need. as well as any chain install shop like car toys.

- Scott

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