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nthcoastcom 03-10-2006 03:44 PM

New Racing Series (nasa) Focus Spec
**maybe old news but ford racing just put it on their website**

RICHMOND, CA (January 17, 2005) - The National Auto Sport Association (NASA) is pleased to announce the introduction of a new spec racing class featuring the Ford Focus. The class will be called Spec Focus (SF) and allows 2000-2006 model Ford Focus cars prepared for competition with parts from Ford Racing Performance Parts, Eibach, and F2Focus. The cars will also compete on spec Toyo Proxes RA-1 tires to promote an even playing field and enable racers in the class to accumulate rewards under the Toyo contingency program. Cars with SVT Zetec, Zetec, and Duratec engines are all eligible for the series as are all Focus body styles.

"We're thrilled to introduce another new spec class that will allow racers to build competitive, fun, and affordable cars to race," said Ted Severns, NASA Spec Focus National Director. "The Focus is a great starting point for a competition car and with the rules we have in place, this should be the next wave in spec classes for grassroots racing circles."

here is the copy of the schedule by region:

here are the rules:

We are interested in helping drivers that are interested in competing in this. Discounts on parts that this series allows you to use.


Carrera26 03-10-2006 03:53 PM

Awesome! Didn't know that NASA was actually going to have anything here in the midwest. So used to admiring the NASA series' from afar, but knowing that being here in Iowa there really wasn't any way unless I wanted to quite my job just to make the commutes.

I'm only about 1.5 hours from MAM and 2-3 to Blackhawk Farms. I will definitely have to check it out. Maybe I'll flag at the MAM event, to get that up-close-and-personal perspective for all the FF folks.

focusin 03-10-2006 04:13 PM


The rules state ANY focus is eligable EXCEPT the 2.0 SOHC.



I would love to enter but, for a daily driver I cant beat up on the car TOO much.

arrestmespi 03-10-2006 09:27 PM

that is so wrong, that the spi can't race.

Carrera26 03-10-2006 10:11 PM

^^They would have to allow so many mods to make them competitive that it could unbalance the cost and complexity of the series.

Liltrbo 03-11-2006 02:24 PM

If they let them race they would be like.....moving road blocks.....[:)~]

arrestmespi 03-11-2006 08:47 PM

in my opinion the spi is an underatted engine that has a lot of potential if you build it up right(ie, escort rs)

zal 03-18-2006 01:07 AM


Originally posted by arrestmespi
in my opinion the spi is an underatted engine that has a lot of potential if you build it up right(ie, escort rs)
but all the after market parts for our car are all odds and ends we've put together over years, none of them are ford racing parts and the series wants competitive foci

jlemond 03-18-2006 02:17 AM

Dayam did u read all of those rules. U prety much have to stay stock exept for ur F2 or Cossi Intake, any Cat-back Race headers and flex allowed on Reg Zetec and Duratec. Nasa sanctioned ECU flash for all exept SVT wich can use any flash. Any Eibach upgrades and no FI and Only blue-printing allowed no port and polish.

t_bone_c34 03-18-2006 02:27 AM

^ Shiat! Thats a load man!

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