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ouikikazz 03-15-2005 09:34 PM

FS Front and Rear Bumper, read fully
OK, heres the deal, i need to get rid of my front and rear bumpers soon. say like in a month, but i only want to do local pickup because im not doing anymore freight shipments, hence why im advertising so early, it gives me time to find a local buyer :P

hopefully this is within the forum rules, if they arents im sorry :(

Basically i will not require any money for the bumpers until i get my new ones on from the kit im getting. I will drive within an hr away to meetup or whatnot. It is for both the front and rear bumper with the grills of the front, but some important details about the bumpers that u must read!

back bumper needs body work, i mean a paint job and a bit of fixing, not too bad, fixable, pics here:

The front bumper requires a bit more work, it was pushed in so theres a bit more body work for that, but any body shop can fix it no will include the upper grill and lower grille with both fogs, the driver side fog light has a broken clip so its currently zip tied on and looks as if nothing was wrong with it but i did need to tell you that, i will also include the headlamp switch if need be since i have an extra one.

asking price: $125 (no driving)-150 (if require me to drive since gas is pricey) obo
zip: 10303, NYC/NJ area
PM me or ouikikurazz at if interested.

Im also willing to trade both bumpers for an s2 wing :P

wickedzx5 03-17-2005 08:43 AM


wickedzx5 03-17-2005 08:46 AM


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