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cope1027 01-22-2005 06:30 PM

parts needed for a 2000 zx3 *FOUND*
I am looking to buy a few parts.....Needed for a 2000 zx3.....

Focal, if you are still porting heads, I am interested in buying one from you. bought

I am also looking for ......

stage 2 cams (aggressive) bought
cam gears bought
volant bought

ported 2000 intake bought
65mm throttle body (blue or black if possible)(manual)bought
4 to 1 race header with flex pipe bought
catback exhaust (may buy MBRP) bought
O2 cheater harness bought

will pay however most convenient (paypal, money order)
will also pay to have shipped to Grandforks AFB, ND 58204
So, if you can give me price wanted including shipping that would be great.
Time frame....have money now......

bigwiggen 01-22-2005 06:47 PM

hey, i got a set of RAGE cam gears, gold in color...used few nicks but good shape....110 shipped....let m eknow

cope1027 01-22-2005 08:33 PM you have any pics?

bigwiggen 01-22-2005 09:28 PM

no i dont man sorry...theyre in good shape though

cope1027 01-23-2005 06:00 PM

sorry bigwiggen, I found some blue ones.

cope1027 01-25-2005 09:25 PM

still need a few more things. Will have money for items in a week. (maybe less)

cope1027 01-27-2005 03:40 PM

I willpurchase a ported intake from you will be about a week........150+10 for shipping..

just leaving that as a note for self incase I erase e-mail you sent to me.

miamifocuszx3 01-27-2005 06:20 PM

well just case i have a K&n FIPK intake, if your interested let me know

cope1027 01-29-2005 11:33 AM

this kinda sucks, cause there were a couple of post on here yesterday before they updated the software, and now they are gone. Two people had some things I needed, so if you are those two that posted, can you repost and give me an offer?

bypass valve, and steeda intake, were the two posts.

cope1027 01-30-2005 07:56 PM


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