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MURDEREDOUT 12-02-2012 07:05 PM

Part Out: 2003 SVT ZX5
Black 2003 Ford Focus SVT ZX5 154,000 Miles

I maintained this vehilce religously and put a heck of a lot of effort into keeping it tight. Review my posts and pics to see what she used to look like.

Michigan "No-Fault" Insurance with Property Loss, Personal Liabilty = $500.00 mini tort is all I will get out of this car and the prices for parts [vommit]. Any help is greatly appriciated. I will do my best to help ya'll out in any way I can to get you parts, work with you on shipping, package deals, meet you, help you load, tech support, whatever... except installs...I hate it when I get asked that. Hot-rodding and tuning is "DIY" not "DIFM" (that's so lame[limp]).

Frontal impact: 09/04/12
Part-Out started 09/23/12
Projected end Date : 12/31/12
Unibody for scrap: Week one 2013

Phone inquiries will have priority over posts replies.
Price negotions via text messaging is unacceptable, please call.

Mike (aka "Murdered Out"): 734-272-7862 Highland, MI 48357

If it's not listed, I no longer have it.

Below is a list of what's left with asking prices:

First off: "big tickie"
- 2.0 Zetec Engine w/ Florida Racing Adj. Cam sprockes, ECM and Getrag transmission included for $1,200

- Wiring harness ( less HID & heated seat pigtails, if powertrain buyer does not want in package, will be offered at $100 as last item before unibody scrap)

- Left Front Door assembly: $80
- Left Rear Door assembly: $80
- Foot Pedals: $40
- Front Calipers (Left & Right, with anchors): $30 each
- Intake control module: $50
- Rear Hatch: $60
- H&H Springs (Front and rear...cup kit..the lower, more agressive one): $60
- KYB 4 way adjustable gas struts (~30k miles): $40
- Camber plates, front (totally adjustable): $20 ea.
- Front & Rear sway bars: $40
- Off-Road pipe (aka test pipe, aka de-cat; central florida; w/ O2 sensor): $80
- 8" Bass Speaker, in box, with amp: $100
- Supplemental Resraint System (SRS) aka "Air bag" Module: $60
- Euro Tailights, Euro (faux chrome; smoke tint is fair w/ CHMSL): $40 pair
- Front, Lower honeychomb INSERT (all that was left of the front fascia): $10
- Interior Trim Panels: $10 (you-call-its... $7 ea. for 3 or more)
- Dash (w/ HVAC Bezel-$40 & Instrument Panel SVT gauge cluster-$100): $240 takes it...or I'll separate for prices listed and dash only for $150
- Steering Wheel Assembly: $60
- Foot Pedals: $40
- Cross-drilled & slotted rotors, Left &Right, front (turned 2x), & Rear (turned 1x): $15 ea.
- Front "K Member" / cradle, w/ Moog lower control arms & ball joint assmeblies (~40k miles on moog ctl. arms): $100
- Coolant Reservoir bottle: $20
- Lower Lip [Fascia] OEM Unpainted: $60
- Space saver spare tire (doughnut): $40
- Weather stripping: $10 ea. you call it.
- Left & right, front & rear hubs (all bearing replace less than 40K miles): $25 ea.
- Battery (~10 months old): $30
- Starter (< 5mo/15k miles...$200 new): $80
- Ford Racing Wing (I never mounted this- it's the old edward sissorhands-looking, gawdy-as-hell, CHMSL mounted, articulating aluminum assembly; this was it befor Roush did it's thing. The assembly has been sold off, but all that's left is the wing itself. Tell your lame-ass buddy with the 95 Honda acorn to get some 2x4's and mount this to his decklid for $50... or mout it on your shop wall for storing spraycans...[offtopic]...whatever... back to normal parts...
- Rear camber bolts (NIB): $5
- Rear hatch struts: $10
- Rear lower control arms (L&R) and alignment hardware (<30K miles): $60
- Impact inserts, front and rear [bumper stirofoam]: $10ea
- Mass Air Flow (MAF) sensor: $15
- Headliner: $40
- Carpet: $40
- Sunroof assembly: $80

Thanks for your help. All offers appriciated. I'm motivated to get my '92 Dodge Dyanasty in the garage, so.... LET'SGETITON!!!


Mike: 734-272-7862
Highland, MI 48357

ZXthrizzle05 12-02-2012 07:39 PM

Moved to vehicles for parts

rsnow 12-02-2012 08:49 PM

looking for the stock air box and hoses

rsnow 12-02-2012 08:54 PM

also the black pannel by the hood latch if the sticker for the ac is able to be read.

xRESSLERxZX3x 12-02-2012 09:01 PM

Are the kyb's 40 each or 40 for both

katiekay 12-02-2012 09:41 PM

Pics of the euro tails? Very interested!

Blue5ive 12-02-2012 11:20 PM

All 4 interior door panels if they are in great shape(pics?) Shipped to 77523.

fanat 12-03-2012 04:00 AM


2wheeladict 12-03-2012 05:08 AM

color and condition of the carpet?

MURDEREDOUT 12-03-2012 08:12 PM

Group Response:

Rookie: nada, you're swinging for the fences- not listed, front endo

Carpet: Black, real good condition. Driver's heel area mildly worn.

Blue5ive: Interior door panels or LEFT SIDE DOORS is all I have...$50 each...would sell whole door at that price, but whatever... they're grey with red tweed SVT standard. 77523?! Baytown, TX!!?? Dude, oversized shipping and boxes 'ill kill ya... That's an easy $60-80 extra. e-bay dry on these? If you're hot for 'em call me and we'll work detials and pay pal.

Shocks are $40 for both if you pick up; $40 each if I have to ship.

pyroinsa: txt me and I'll get you pics. that goes for anyone...

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